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W hat ’ s the B ig D eal ?
get married before they have sex, these terrible diseases are becoming
more common.
If you use God’s gift correctly, treating it like a beautiful gift, you
can be wonderfully happy that God made you a boy or a girl. But
when people misuse sex, it almost always hurts someone. Did you
know that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of teenage girls get
pregnant every year? Did you know that many teenagers are getting
sexual diseases with bad consequences like cancer or not being able
to ever have children, all because they do not follow God’s rules?
That sounds terrible!
Another reason sex is a big deal is that some people make
it more important than it should be. Do you remember what the
Bible says about idolatry? People commit idolatry when they take
something God made and then treat it like it is a god. In the Old
Testament, God hated it when people took things he made, like rocks
and trees and gold, and then worshiped those things.
When people stop believing in the real God, they often start
believing that other things can take God’s place, things like money,
or power, or being famous.
Do people do that with sex?
Sadly, yes. Sex is sort of like a god for some people today.
They think that sex will make them happy or that sex is the most
important thing in life.
They are wrong. Only God can make us truly happy, and only
God deserves to be the most important thing in our lives. So when
such people try to get happy by having as much sex as possible or by
breaking God’s rules about sex, they usually find they are not happy
at all.


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