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What’s the Big Deal?
I think I understand that, but why do people joke about sex
so much?
For some, it’s because they want you to believe that sex is no
big deal so that you might behave like they do, which would make
them feel better about themselves. For others, it may be to cover up
or express their disappointment in sex. In a lot of television shows
and movies, people talk about sex, joke about sex, and think about
sex all the time. I worry that these shows teach kids and ­grown-­ups
that sex is worth thinking about all the time. We Christians think sex
is a wonderful gift, but it was not meant to take the place of God in
our lives. And thinking about sex all the time or making sex the most
important thing in our lives can never make us happy.
I agree that’s why some g­ rown-­ups joke about sex, but I
think there are different reasons, Sam, why kids your age joke about
it. It’s because they hear adults, especially on TV and in the movies,
talk about it a lot, but the kids don’t really know for sure what the
adults are talking about or why. Maybe their parents haven’t talked
to them like we have with you. So the kids are really curious about it,
but they’re nervous and embarrassed because they don’t really understand it. They also may joke about it because they don’t understand
how God made it special.
That makes sense, sort of.
But now let me tell you why I think sex needs to be a big
deal for us. We want to teach you the truth about sex so that you will
be ready to make the right decisions about it as a teenager and adult.
Please always feel free to ask us any questions that come to your
mind, because we won’t be able to think of everything you need to
know. And we won’t always know the answers to your questions! We


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