PaperTurn SeekersSampler1 - Page 53

Jeremiah 18:1-6, Isaiah 64:8,
Job 10:8-9, 2 Corinthians 4:7
In the Bible, God describes us
as clay in the hands of a master potter. Without the potter’s
work, we’re just a lump of mud.
But when he molds us, we become
something new. In 2 Corinthians
4:7, we’re described as jars of
clay, holding a treasure. What
is this treasure? The Good News
about Jesus, which we get to display to the whole world!
Depending on the age of your
children, metaphors can be difficult to understand. Explain to
them that a metaphor is a picture
that helps us understand a deeper
truth. Metaphors describe one
thing that seems very different
from another in order to point
out the similarities between
1. The activity on page 15 is
not a riddle to solve, but make
sure everyone still gets a chance
to be involved! Provide paper
for everyone to draw on, or make
sure each person can fit a small
drawing on the page. (Yes, we
encourage you to write, draw, and
scribble within the pages of this
2. To solve the second riddle (on
page 16), unscramble the words
and fill in the blanks. Looking
1 Italicized

portions indicate points of discussion after solving
the riddle.
at God helps us understand who
we really are: We are made in his
image, and how God acts and loves
is how we are to act and love.
3. To solve the third riddle (on
page 16), look at the clumps of
clay on this page and the next to
find the three references. Find
the correct reference combination, which will describe God
and/or who we are in relationship to God. God cares for us as
a shepherd cares for his sheep;
we are as impossible to separate
from him as branches are from a
vine; God is the ultimate king
and lord over the whole earth.
4. For the fourth riddle (on page
18), count how many letters are
between each pair of letters,
starting after the first letter and going through the second
letter (for example, there are
eight letters after L and through
T). The final pair of letters
is meant to throw you a b
simply need to count backward
from Y to get to S. God calls
himself the potter and says that
his people are like clay in his
5. Read the prompt at the bottom of page 18. The verses you’re
looking for are at the very
beginning of this case. God forms
us and makes us.
6. To solve the riddle on page
19, look up the ASL alphabet
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