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online and decode the correct
book of the Bible. The verse is
about treasures in jars of clay,
showing us that the potter (God)
has molded the clay (us) into
something he can use. Because we
are weak, moldable, and fragile—
like clay—God’s power and craftsmanship are displayed through
us! Because he has molded us with
his very hands, we can display
his treasure, the gospel, to the
whole world.
Younger family members may enjoy
counting the illustrated hands!
There are thirteen total.
1. Activity: Draw a picture of
2. By looking at God
3. Psalm 23 (shepherd/sheep);
John 15:5 (vine/branches);
Revelation 19:16 (King of
kings and Lord of lords)
4. Jeremiah 18:1-6
5. Isaiah 64:8; Job 10:8-9
6. 2 Corinthians 4:7
Talk about a time when it felt
like God was molding you and putting you through fire. What art
might he have been making through
that time? Not only do we display
the gospel through God’s work,
but we also show the world the
beautiful things he creates in
us through difficult times. This
will look a bit different for
every person. Perhaps you felt
lonely, and God used that time
to create compassion for others.
Perhaps you were anxious, and God
used that to cultivate a deeper
trust in him. Not every hard season will have an obvious answer
or r
but God is shaping his
“clay” even when we can’t see
What are ways we might be resisting God’s molding of our hearts?
We might resist God’s work in
our lives when we are stubborn,
angry, or determined to do things
on our own.
What purposes do you think God
might be shaping you for? Every
person in your family has unique
gifts! Dream together about what
God might be doing with someone’s
heart for the poor, someone’s
leadership skills, someone’s gift
of hospitality.
Genesis 7–8, Matthew 3:13-17
Doves in the Bible are an amazing sign of God doing something
new, bringing new life out of
death. We see this through
two key stories of doves in
the Bible. In Genesis 8:1112, a dove serves as a sign of
dry land, a world made new.
In Matthew 3:16, when Jesus
is baptized by John, a dove
appears as a symbol of the
Holy Spirit, and God announces
the amazing news that his Son
has arrived. Jesus has come to
bring new life.
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