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1. The key for the first riddle
is on page 26. The first number
in every pair tells you where to
look on the vertical axis; the
second number tells you where
it connects on the horizontal
axis. Keep this statement in mind
as you look at the rest of the
riddles about doves.
2. For the second riddle, use the
same key to get the correct Bible
reference. The flood represented
the earth being washed clean from
3. To solve the third riddle,
write out the letters in the
paragraph that are smudged in
red. The letters are scrambled,
so you’ll need to unscramble them
to find the correct answer. Just
as the dove showed Noah that new
life was coming, the dove that
hovered over Jesus at his baptism
represented the new life to come.
4. Use the same grid to solve the
fourth riddle. Given what you’ve
learned about doves in the Bible,
what do you think Jesus meant
by “be as innocent as doves”?
Doves are a symbol of something
pure and without blemish. No one
accuses doves of hurting others!
What would it look like for the
people around us to see us (and
our reputations) as pure and
without blemish?
Younger family members may enjoy
finding the small, hidden doves
on every page. There are eight
1. Something better has come
2. Genesis 8:8
3. Matthew 3:13-17
4. Matthew 10:16
What are similarities between
Jesus and the ark of Noah? Just
as Noah’s ark saved people from
death during the flood, which
happened as judgment against sin,
Jesus saves us from death and
judgment for our sin.
Noah and his family probably felt
like there was no way out of the
flood. What did the dove show
Noah instead? The dove showed
that new life was beginning, that
somewhere on the earth the waters
were going away and things were
coming back to life.
Sin meant that there was no way
for us to get to God. What did
the dove in Matthew show us about
Jesus? At Jesus’ baptism, the
dove signaled that new life had
that salvation has come down
to us.
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