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Joshua 21:45, Genesis 9:8-17, 1 Peter 3:18
In Genesis 8–9, the world that
God created and loved had become
very sinful. One man was righteous and followed God: Noah.
God instructed Noah to build an
ark to save him and his f
and two of every a
from the
flood that would wipe out sin.
After the flood, God promised
Noah that he would never again
judge the earth with a flood. As
a sign of his promise, God put
a rainbow in the sky. A rainbow
also points us to another reality: that God has taken the judgment for sin on himself. If we
follow him, he will rescue us
from the penalty for sin just as
he rescued Noah. God keeps his
1. To solve the first riddle (on
page XX), go to the rainbow key
on page XX. Insert the alphabet in each of the blanks on
the rainbow key to find letters
that correspond with each of the
letters in rainbow. This will
provide you with a few different options for each letter in
IRBRWR. For example, R could be
A, H, O, or V. Look at a list
of all the books of the Bible.
Which ones have six letters?
That will help you narrow down
the answer to this riddle. Our
God keeps all his promises—and
says so in the Bible.
2. For the second riddle, draw a
line between each of the matching
colors. The lines cannot cross
each other or go outside the
boundaries of the chart. The correctly solved puzzle will have no
blank spaces. Look up each completed reference to see examples
of God’s promises in Scripture.
3. To solve the third riddle (on
page XX), use the rainbow code
to discover the correct book of
the Bible. God used a rainbow as
a sign of his promise to Noah.
After the floodwaters receded,
God put a rainbow in the sky as
a sign of his promise to never
flood the earth in judgment again
(Genesis 9:8-17). Read pages
XX–XX as a family. God now puts
himself between us and judgment—pointing his “war-bow” at
himself. Through Jesus, he took
the punishment for our sin upon
himself. If we believe in God and
choose to follow him, then we are
a new Noah, spared from judgment
for sin because of God’s rescue.
4. To solve the fourth riddle
(page XX), turn back to page XX
and find the letters underlined
in the corresponding colors.
Unscramble to discover the book
of the Bible. Jesus’ sacrifice
on the cross is the ultimate
fulfillment of God’s promise:
because of Jesus, we are saved
from the penalty of our sins.
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