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1. Joshua 21:45
the ark. When we choose to follow
him as Noah did, he rescues us
from judgment.
Have you ever broken a promise?
How did it make you feel? This
question is designed to help
children consider promises more
concretely. We encourage parents to be vulnerable here as the
whole family reflects on the tangible realities of promises, broken or unbroken, in your lives.
3. Genesis 9:13
4. 1 Peter 3:18
Why would Jesus agree to take
on God’s wrath? God loves us so
much that he chose to sacrifice himself so that we could be
in relationship with him (John
3:16). Just as he loved Noah and
was friends with Noah, he wants
to be friends with us and show
us his love. Floodwaters are
like God’s wrath, his perfect and
right response to the sin in our
hearts and actions. But Jesus’
sacrifice on the cross is like
God doesn’t break promises. How
does that feel? Now that children
have reflected on the real impact
of promises, help them think
through the amazing truth that
God is the only being who never
breaks promises. He makes big
and he is always trustworthy to keep them.
What is your favorite promise God
has made? Look up the suggested
passages. You may also want to
consider a few of your own favorite promises from Scripture to
share with your children. Ask
them if any of those promises (or
others God has made) are particularly meaningful to them.
Exodus 3, Acts 2,
Exodus 19, 1 Kings 18
Fire appears frequently within
Scripture. It signifies warmth,
consumption, and purity. In
the Old Testament, fire represents the ­all-­encompassing
presence of God, and in the
New Testament, God places his
presence in the most unlikely
of places. In Acts, tongues
of fire fall down upon God’s
people, bringing the power and
presence of the Holy Spirit.
The ­all-­encompassing presence
of God would now dwell within
his people.
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