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Proverbs 17:3, Psalm 119:127, Psalm 19:10, Matthew
13:44-46, Exodus 3:14, John 8:58, Revelation:13
Throughout Scripture, gold is
used to describe something else’s
worth. When we look at the parable
of the treasure in the field, we
discover that God’s Kingdom and
God himself are the most valuable
thing of all. God is more valuable than anything we could want
in this world. Just as the treasure in the field was waiting for
the man to find it, God is waiting for his seekers to find him,
the best treasure of all.
As the case notes, there are
no riddles to solve. While we
have spent the book digging and
searching for God, he wants to
be found. He’s not trying to hide
from us. He wants us to seek him
out, but he’s waiting for us!
There are no discussion questions
in this case, but now would be a
good time to reflect as a family
on everything you’ve learned
about God as you’ve gone through
this book together. Read through
the list on page XX, which captures the full spectrum of every
case we’ve solved about who God
is, how he works, and what he’s
calling us to do. What is your
favorite thing in this list? What
did you learn in this book that
was new to you?
Read the passages at the bottom of the list and talk about
the fact that God is I AM in
Exodus, John, and Revelation.
He’s the same throughout the
Bible, and we get to look for
him and what he’s up to wherever
we go in the pages of S
and in the world he’s created.
Finally, ask your family what
it means to keep seeking for God.
Where can you be on the hunt for
him in your life?
[FPO:Author photo to come]
C. S Fritz is the creator and illustrator of visionary, whimsical, and
thought-provoking explorations of God and the Bible. He is also the
author of Good Night Tales and the Cottonmouth Series. C. S. lives in
Boston, Massachusetts, with his family.
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