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Are you ready for an adventure? In these pages, you’ll
embark as a family on an amazing journey into Scripture. And along
the way, you’re going to learn incredible things about the God who
loves you deeply and wants you to know him.
This is a resource designed for families to use together, to prompt
conversation and excitement about our amazing God. In this mysterious
journal, you and your family will travel through the Bible, following
God’s fingerprints to find what he’s up to. Each case delves into a
theme from Scripture and how it reveals who God is, how he works, and
what he calls us to do. All of this unfolds through riddles, puzzles,
art, and clues for families to solve together.
In the back of this book, you’ll find a parent guide, which provides the key Scripture passages and a summary of the theme of each
case, so you can help lead the conversation with your kids. Make sure
you don’t reveal the theme at the beginning! Let your family explore
through the riddles and see what insights emerge. As a parent, you
can disciple your children by leading them into Scripture, letting
them explore and ask questions, and gently pointing them toward truth.
It will be helpful if you (the parent) read through the key passages
before solving the case with your children, so that you can help them
discover the larger context around the verses they’ll uncover. In
addition to the riddles, each case includes open-ended questions at
the end so that families can unpack the case theme together. You’ll be
able to tie it all together as your children share their answers.
The parent guide also provides insights on how to solve each riddle
and (if you need them) the riddle answers. But try to avoid peeking
at the answers! The adventure comes as you wrestle with the cases as
a family, working together to solve fun and complex riddles and clues.
The ultimate goal of this journey together is discipleship: that, with
the help of this book, you as parents will be able to lead your children into God’s Word and point them toward the One who made them and
loves them. You’ll love the camaraderie and discovery that unfolds as
together you become . . . seekers.
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