NEW Water Annual Report 2016 - Page 10

Science &
Harnessing Science & Innovation
Science informs NEW Water’s efforts to clean, improve, and protect our most
valuable resource, water. Innovation drives efforts “beyond compliance,” toward
a more sustainable use of our community’s financial resources, and stewardship
of water resources.
In 2016, NEW Water’s state-certified Laboratory adopted a new name to
better reflect the vision of the department and organization: Laboratory and
Research Department.
Scientific tests and data analyses are conducted on water samples from NEW
Water treatment facilities’ processes; the Silver Creek Pilot Project, the Field
Services Department from area industries permitted through NEW Water’s
Pretreatment Program, and the Aquatic Monitoring Program, which samples
area waters.
In 2016, 15,227 samples came in to the Lab – an average of 48 per day. On these
samples, a number of tests, or analytes, are conducted for parameters including
nitrites, nitrates, biochemical oxygen demand, phosphorus, and more. Research
discussions include chemical effects in interceptors, effects of pollution
prevention strategies, and harvesting resources from the incoming water stream.
Data generated by the Lab also will help launch, and complement operations
of the new solids handling facility, Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy,
or R2E2.
The Laboratory and Research Department strives to serve as a clearinghouse for
water/wastewater quality data and information.


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