NEW Water Annual Report 2016 - Page 17

The base of the anaerobic digesters.
Serving Sustainably
• ASSET MANAGEMENT. In 2016, NEW Water launched a new asset management
system to better track and maintain all assets required to treat water around the
clock. NEW Water also conducted a condition criticality assessment of assets.
These efforts will help with risk mitigation, and guide capital improvement
decisions as well.
• INTERCEPTOR SYSTEM MASTER PLAN. NEW Water continued work to address
the interceptor system outside the fence in the service area. A hydraulic model
was built, which considered future needs for potential population growth in
Northeast Wisconsin, aging pipes and infrastructure, and inflow and infiltration
issues. The model incorporates rainfall events, pipe capacity and indicates how
weather events impact NEW Water sewers. NEW Water engaged customers on
this plan, in efforts to meet their desired level of service at an acceptable level of
risk, and lowest life-cycle costs.
• LEAN PROJECTS. With an eye toward improved efficiency, in 2016, NEW Water
staff completed three Lean projects, netting over $9,700 in savings, over 200
hours in processing of information savings, and reuse of an entire laboratory for
office space.


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