NEW Water - Beyond Compliance

NEW Water Annual Report 2017 - Page 6

NEW Water - Beyond Compliance Illuminating sustainably. Running operations to ensure nonstop community

service requires round-the-clock lighting solutions. NEW Water’s Electrical &

Instrumentation Department tackled this with sustainability in mind, garnering a

grant from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy, and installing new LED lights throughout

the underground tunnels, and facilities. The result is an estimated 90% cost

savings in energy and lightbulbs.

Safer conditions. The Treatment Department enacted new safety measures on

the ash handling process, with a power disconnect and lockout system that

will make the procedure safer for NEW Water staff to collect samples. The

Maintenance Department commissioned a new parts washer system that is

water-based, reducing hazardous waste exposure to staff, and providing a more

environmentally friendly way to clean the equipment needed to keep the water

treatment process running smoothly.

Photo above:

Members of NEW Water’s Management team

(not all present), left to right: William Hafs,

Bill Angoli, Jean Van Sistine, Bill Oldenburg,

Brian Vander Loop, Jeff Czypinski, Tricia

Garrison, Thomas Sigmund, Bruce Bartel,

Julie Maas, Nathan Qualls, Patrick Wescott.

Photos below, left to right:

Craig Lawniczak, R2E2 Coordinator;

Mark Mansky, Operator; Bobby Zepnick,

Mechanic Apprentice.



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