NLP Annual Report FY19 FINAL - Page 6

Program Highlights
The Goal
By 2022, the News Literacy Project will build a community of 20,000 practitioners
who, using NLP programs and resources, teach news literacy skills to 3 million
middle school and high school students* each year and support the adoption of
news literacy into the American education experience.
*This represents about 10% of the U.S. public school population in grades 6 through 12.
“I think more critically
and I question
the credibility of
information I hear.
We should question
the information
we take in and be
aware about what is
occurring around us
every day.”
Valeria Luquin, student at Daniel
Pearl Magnet High School, Van
Nuys, California; 2019 recipient
of NLP’s Gwen Ifill Student of the
Year award (pictured with her
teacher, Adriana Chavira)
“Scripps teams are energized
by the opportunity to partner
with the News Literacy Project
to educate a new generation of
media consumers so they can
be more informed and engaged
members of their communities.”
Adam Symson, E.W. Scripps Company president
and CEO
The News Literacy Project

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