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OW Lee offers over 150 stock fabric options in three distinct
collections. The Destinations and World of Color collections
feature Sunbrella fabrics while the Generations book features
Outdura. All of our fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic, the
industry gold standard for UV resistance and durability.
Our fabrics books are expertly curated and organized by
coordinating colors and patterns to help you create your
own unique look. Fringe and cording options are available
to embelish your look. Special order fabric from Sunbrella,
Outdura and Tempotest, as well as COM (customer's own
material) are also available.
DS37D Vevi Sedona
DS21B Metz Mist
DS07E Kasos Sunbaked
DS12B Melaka Coastline
DS20B Metz Lake
DS35D Vevi Denim
DS17B Metz Denim
DS32C Tumbes Azure
DS29B Tabloid Indigo
DS13B Melaka Mercury
DS10E Madina Carob
DS19B Metz Indigo
DS09E Madina Aegean
DS30B Tabloid Jungle
DS08E Kasos Surf
DS14B Melaka Moss
DS23B Metz Spruce
DS16B Melaka Woodland
DS31B Tabloid Spruce
DS04B Carlsbad Polo
DS01B Arena Indigo
DS33C Tumbes Juniper
DS03B Carlsbad Indigo
DS26B Sailcloth Sailor
DS25C Sabah Indigo
DS34D Vevi Coffee
DS18B Metz Dove
DS11E Madina Coffee
DS15B Melaka Night
DS22B Metz Pebble
DS24C Sabah Classic
DS02B Carlsbad Classic
DS27B Sailcloth Salt
DS36D Vevi Flame
DS28B Sailcloth Seagull
DS06E Kasos Clay
DS05B Carlsbad Smoke


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