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Metal Frame Maintenance
OW Lee metal furniture and fire pits are designed to
require minimum maintenance. Metal frames/bases
should be kept clean. Do not let dirt build up. Cleaning
with mild soap and water, and seasonal touch-up of any
scratches, chips or occasional rust seepage from crevices
or hidden, unfinishable surfaces inherent in some ornate
designs is required. Touch-up pens in matching frame
colors are available through your retail dealer. Never
leave furniture or fire pit standing in water. To keep your
furniture or fire pit looking its best, you may wish to
store or cover it when not in use for an extended period
of time. More frequent care & maintenance may be
required in coastal areas.
Cushion Care
OW Lee offers quality 100% solution dyed acrylics and
only the finest outdoor foam and fiber fillings. Fabrics
have been treated to resist stains and water before
leaving the factory. Regular cleaning with mild soap and
water using a sponge or soft scrub brush is all that is
Porcelain Table Tops & Hearth Tops
Regular cleaning, using a damp rag with plain water to
remove minor dirt and dust is all that is required. Allpurpose household cleaners can be used on porcelain
tile. Soapless detergents such as Spic and Span® or
409® can also be used. Rinse with clean water and
wipe dry to prevent water spots. Cleaning products
available from your local grocery or hardware store can
be used to remove soap scum, hard water deposits,
and mildew stains from the tile. Be sure to consult the
cleaning product’s instructions to ensure the product is
recommended for your type of tile. After cleaning, rinse
well and wipe dry. For detailed information on the care
and maintenance of your OW Lee Porcelain tops and
hearth tops, please visit www.owlee.com.
Authentic Hammered Copper Table Tops & Hearth Tops
Use only light hand soap and water to clean regularly.
We recommend non-alkaline hand soap. Do not use an
abrasive pad or scrub profusely when cleaning. Copper
is a relatively soft metal and will scratch or mar if too
much force is used when cleaning. We recommend
softly cleaning with a cotton wash cloth or rag. Copper
is a “living surface”. Use coasters and placemats when
enjoying the Hammered Copper table or hearth top.
Acids in soft drinks, beer, or any number of beverages
may interact with the patina coating. The same is true
for a variety of foods. We recommend you keep the
top dry. Continued exposure to water, i.e. repeated
exposure to sprinklers or rain may cause the top to
oxidize, causing the top to patina. If your top is scratched
or comes into contact with an acid, a shiny spot of bare
copper may appear. The spot will eventually age back to
the original dark brown finish over time.
For more detailed care and maintenance information
please visit www.owlee.com.


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