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OW Lee stands for quality.
We do everything possible to make furniture that stands up to:

Structural Failure
Mold and Mildew

Rain Water Retention
Disintegration from UV Rays
We invite you to learn about the steps we take to ensure
your OW Lee furniture lasts for generations.
OW Lee utilizes two
robotic welders for
simpler and high
volume items. These
robotic welders allow
OW Lee to achieve the
highest level of accuracy
in mere seconds.
Frames & Finish
Starting with raw materials, OW Lee adheres to the
highest quality standards. Our raw aluminum and
iron tubing and sheets used to make chair, table,
and fire pit frames is often the most
durable available on the market.
Wherever there is an intersection of
metal, we use a full-circumference weld
to join the metal together.
OW Lee employs an extensive process to apply a
long-lasting powder coating finish to our frames. Using
a chemical reaction, tiny paint-like particles known as
“powder” adhere to the frame.
The chemical reaction in powder coating causes the
particles to spread evenly into every corner and crevasse
of the frame, preventing exposed metal which can
cause corrosion. Our 5-step powder coating process
includes two washing cycles, a zinc-rich primer coat, a
baking process and then the final finish color is applied.
This process puts a 4-6 mil thick finish on the metal,
providing excellent protection against the outdoor
While shopping, you may notice that OW Lee
chairs are much heavier than other outdoor
chairs. This is evidence of the thicker material
we use. The thicker material is much more
durable for outdoor use.
Steel and aluminum pieces are bent into exact shapes
and then hand forged with a hammer and anvil, a process
unchanged since blacksmiths in the middle ages.


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