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Flex ComfortTM is a knitted UV-enhanced
polypropylene and elastic co-polymer fabric
which offers the same ease of maintenance as a
sling product but with more conforming flex for
supreme comfort.
Available on select OW Lee collections in dining, lounge seating and
chaise lounges. (Shown at left: Pacifica Dining)
Breathable fabric does not retain heat like sling or metal seats do.
Utilizes mushroom hook style Velcro which ensures the flexible seat and
back stays in place.
The made-to-fit product means less waste and therefore less

environmental impact. It is breathable and dries quicker than foam related products.
Available in six colors: Black, Brown, Charcoal, Cocoa, Silver, & Slate
Porcelain Tops
Our porcelain table tops contain three layers: the substrate, the
adhesive, and the porcelain tile with grout, wrapped by a metal rim.

The substrate is the “foundation” of the table top. It is made of two lightweight aluminum
sheets with a honeycomb structure sandwiched in between. The honeycomb shape is the
strongest shape in nature and provides lightweight strength for the table top. This same
material is also used on the sides of skyscrapers for the same reasons.

The next layer is an epoxy glue that adheres the tiles onto the substrate. This adhesive is
superior to using tile mastic or other types of bonds, because of a chemical reaction that
takes place, creating a stronger bond as it dries. The epoxy adhesive is also waterproof.
Lastly, the tile is precisely set and an epoxy grout is used where tiles meet. Porcelain tiles
are used over ceramic tiles or natural stone because they are denser and less porous which
means they do not absorb water. In freezing temperatures these other materials are likely
to split or crack when the water absorbed into the material freezes and expands. Our
porcelain tiles not only repel water, but all other liquids as well, so it will not stain from
spills. These porcelain tiles are commercial grade and very durable. The kiln-fired finish
is as durable as the tile itself and will last for years. The metal rim protects the tile from
breaking due to side impact. For example, when the back of a chair hits against the table.


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