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building-level meters. Typically, organizations with EIS
did not utilize MBCx service providers, and about half
of the organizations with FDD contracted with MBCx
service providers for additional support.
In addition to normalizing costs by floor area, costs
were normalized by number of points (e.g., meters and
sensor data from the BAS) and number of buildings.
These metrics are shown in Table 6. The EIS cost
per point (in this case, per meter) was $400, and
the recurring cost was $150/meter. This cost does
not include the cost of the meter itself, only the cost
to integrate existing meters and configure the EIS
software. There are, on average, four meters per
FIGURE 11: Recurring software and MBCx service cost by EMIS type
(n = 66)
Recurring cost ($/sq ft per year)
Median EIS recurring cost: $0.01/sq ft (n = 32)
Median FDD recurring cost: $0.02/sq ft (n = 34)
service (SaaS) fee and ongoing MBCx service provider
fees if they are part of the scope. Some vendors
include MBCx services within their SaaS fees, so
we have not reported the breakout between annual
licensing cost and ongoing MBCx service provider fees.
For EIS, both the upfront and ongoing effort required
are more modest than for FDD, and this is reflected
in the pricing. For example, an FDD installation that
includes ongoing turnkey measure implementation by
the MBCx service provider resulted in the highest FDD
recurring cost reported, at $0.16/sq ft, and the lowest
recurring cost reported ($0.0002/sq ft) occurred at a
large campus with an EIS connected to hundreds of
TABLE 6: EMIS Cost Summary
Costs by EMIS Type
Median Costs
Per point
Per building*
Per sq ft
Base software and installation (one-time cost)
Recurring costs ($ per year)
Base software and installation (one-time cost)
Recurring costs ($ per year)
EIS (n = 37)
FDD (n = 35)
*For each participant, a “per building” cost was established. This column represents the median of the participant “per building” costs.
Since the median participant in the “per building” and “per sq ft” columns reference different building sizes, the “per building” and “per sq ft”
costs do not have the same basis and therefore do not scale.
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