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The Dos Voces Cajon has two playing surfaces —
one with a snare and one without.
Wood: Mohena
This cajon is called Dos Voces, or Two Voices, because of
its dual playing surface design. By placing the sound port
on the side of the cajon, we are able to offer a versatile
instrument with a traditional, Peruvian playing surface
on one side and a Flamenco playing surface on the other.
Partially sealed and without snares, the traditional side
offers round, mellow tones and a pure, deep bass. Flip
the cajon around and the player can draw out the more
aggressive, modern snare sound common to the modern
Flamenco-style cajons. The body of the Dos Voces Cajon
is made from solid, furniture-grade panels of Mohena,
with dovetail joints and a beautiful finish. The playing
surfaces are both multi-ply Spanish Cedar and Lupuna.
Free gig bag included!
El Artesano Cajon has the best separation of snare
and bass of all our Peruvian cajons.
Wood: Mohena,
American Muskwood
Tropical Walnut
El Artesano Cajon’s body is manufactured from
select pieces of solid Mohena, American Muskwood
and Tropical Walnut which are then fashioned into
beautiful panels and joined using dovetail joints
for superior strength and fit. The frame is topped
with a multi-ply Spanish Cedar and Lupuna playing
surface. Snares are designed and placed higher
in the drum to reduce unwanted snare buzz when
playing bass tones yielding the best separation
between snare and bass of any A Tempo cajon.
Free gig bag included!

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