A Tempo 2018 Catalog - Page 7

The A Tempo shell chimes are a handsfree way to get a rainstick sound effect.
Ever wished you could have the sound of
a rainstick in a more convenient form?
Then this instrument is for you. Made
from the seed pods commonly referred
to as shacapa, the mellow, water-like
rattle effect has been heard in Peruvian
ceremonies for centuries. Attractively
mounted on solid mohena, it can be
played by hand or with a stick. Clamshell
padded gig bag included.
CODE: PA-CH36-01
The classic sound of aluminum chimes on a
solid mohena mount.
A Tempo’s take on the classic single row
chimes. Solid aluminum bars yield delicate
and mysterious tones that provide the
perfect accent in so many musical settings.
Clamshell padded gig bag included!
CODE: PA-CH72-01
A more complex alternative to a
single row set of chimes.
Wood: Mohena
The A Tempo double row chime set is made
from solid aluminum bars and an attractive
mohena mount. With two rows of 36 bars
each, this chime set yields a more complex
and higher volume chimes sound. Clamshell
padded gig bag included!

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