A Tempo 2020 Catalog - Page 12

Bongo Cajon
Code: CJ-BNGO-01
Two sound chambers with separate ports
yield distinct high and low tones.
Wood: Mohena
Code: CJ-CAJIT-01
The A Tempo Cajita is a professional-level
instrument, crafted by using furniture-grade
techniques from the finest materials.
Wood: American Muskwood
The Cajita (Cajita Ritmica) is a distinctly
Afro-Peruvian instrument used as a rhythmic
lead in a manner similar to the cowbell in
Afro-Cuban music. It is a small instrument
that is played while being worn on the neck.
This leaves the musician’s hands free to play
complex rhythms with both hands using the
lid for both a percussive effect and also to
vary the tone of the note that is played when
striking the side and front of the box with the
stick. Stick, strap and padded carrying case
are included.
The Bongo Cajon is constructed of Mohena
and the tapa (head) is multi-ply Lupuna and
Spanish Cedar. The A Tempo Bongo Cajon
features separate distinct sound chambers--one
for Macho (Small, high-pitched) and the other
for the Hembra (Larger, low-pitched) side. The
bottom is solid wood with individual ports for
each side to emphasize the distinct pitches of
the two sound chambers. Each side now features
“No-slip” pads for added comfort and stability
while playing. Free gig bag included!


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