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Fret-King Guitars
Black Label
JD Duncan
“Of all the special guitar projects
I’ve ever been involved with in my
quest for the perfect guitar, the
Fret King JDD beats them all – at
any price, it’s the best, and the
most affordable.
Having guitar designer Trev
Wilkinson and pickup guru
Seymour Duncan working with
me on this very special project
has resulted in truly the best
electric guitar I have ever played I honestly could not be happier!”
“I'm really excited about
what Trev and I have
come up with and think
other players will be too.
Black Label John
Jorgenson ‘JJ’
This guitar is killer, plays
and sounds great!”
A matched, calibrated set of Wilkinson/JJ pickups are
coupled with two auxiliary ‘ghost’ coils under the JJ’s
unique pickguard, providing the ability to switch
between single coil tones associated with a guitar of
this style and true hum cancelling noise reduction
with no perceptible change in sound or tonality.
SALES(148,5,(6 77HO00-424-4724(


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