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Fret-King Basses & Pedals
There's a low-end rumble in the Fret-King jungle with
the Black Label Perception.
This is a 'go-to' bass that five-string
players the world over
will really appreciate.
A fabulous, versatile workhorse that stands up to
everything a bass player can throw at it, the Perception
lays the foundation for a great groove. With a sleek
neck prole, full width ngerboard, positive feel,
enhanced upper fret access and extended
neck join, the Perception responds uidly to
your style and demands to be played.
The pickups, specially created for the
Perception, emulate the very best of classic
vintage tone, with bell-like clarity, depth and
power to spare. The Perception captures
the solid, precise tonality that underpins so
much music, and demonstrates just how
versatile a passive bass can be.
Gloss Black
Original Classic
Vintage White
• Body: Two-piece centre-jointed
American alder body
Original Classic
• Neck: Canadian hard rock maple
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• Scale: 34"/864mm
• Frets: 22 medium jumbo
Gloss Black
• Inlays: Pearl dots
• Nut Width: 1.67"/42.5mm nominal
• Nut: Graphite
• Tuners: WJBL 750 mini tuners
• Bridge: Wilkinson WBBC
• Pickups: Fret-King WJBR and WPB
• Controls: Two volume, master tone
• Includes: Luxury genuine Fret-King bag
• Body: Two-piece centre-jointed
American alder body
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• Scale: 34"/864mm
• Frets: 22 medium jumbo
• Inlays: Pearl dots
• Nut Width: 47.5mm/1 7/8" nominal
• Nut: Graphite
• Tuners: WJBL 750 mini tuners
• Bridge: Wilkinson WBBC
• Pickups: Fret-King WJBR and WPB
• Controls: 2 volume, master tone
• Includes: Luxury genuine Fret-King bag
Meticulously and authentically voiced, Fret-King FX Pedals deliver tones
you’ll recognise straight out of the box.
Trev Wilkinson is a legend in the guitar world for his innovative and
faultless guitar hardware and pickups, which deliver stellar tonality.
His progressive approach to building guitars, and his unerring ability to
think outside of every design box, is now presented in Fret-King FX pedals
– his first foray into the world of stompboxes.
With the emphasis set firmly on tone, Trev has instilled his true boutique
ethos into these pedals. Each effect has been comprehensively researched
and benchmarked against an enviable collection of highly collectible
original vintage pedals and devices.
Choose the pedals you want, plug in, flick the switch, and experience
the way your music was always meant to sound.
Add to this the usual Fret-King standards – rugged, durable die-cast
aluminium casing, true bypass technology, classy design, and dual paired
inputs where necessary – and you have pedals that will take your playing
to new levels, define your sound, and fill stadiums.
Fret-King pedals – treat your tone.
Trev Wilkinson's gift to the
world of gain!
Ever since the swinging 60s,
the wah pedal has helped
guitarists own stages and
crowds with its unique ability to
mimic the human voice, its piercing
tonal sweep, and its unmistakeable
'wacka-wacka' sounds. With the Fret-King
Wah, Trev Wilkinson has gone back in time,
found that original, pure wah tone, and brought
it kicking and screaming into the 21st century!
Ideal for players who like a
dirty sound, and perfect for
everything from blues and
indie rock, punk and all-out
metal, the Distortion XXX is
incredibly versatile. Set the level,
then use the gain knob to dial in
anything from smokey jazz chords
to howling solos, and the tone control
can configure amounts of bass and treble
– whatever you need, it's here in spades.
Trev has lovingly modelled the Distortion XXX after one of his
favourite distortion pedals of all time, and we know you'll love it too.
One of the keys to an authentic wah sound and
response is using the right style of inductor. Naturally,
Trev has made sure to use a custom designed, classic-style 'halo' inductor on the
Fret-King wahs, so you can be sure you'll get all the vintage voicings you need in
your playing.The Fret-King wah features a uniquely versatile tonal sweep – from
crystal clear bass through to crisp, sweet trebles, and anywhere in between.
Fret-King Black Label Basses
Luxury luggage is one of life’s pleasures.
The designer carry bag which comes with every Fret-King Black Label guitar is no exception. Elegant, and bespoke to each body shape, with suede and leather
external details, the super padded, snug tting ‘teddy bear’ interior cossets your Fret-King, with zipped external storage space and accessory pockets to keep
damaging objects away from your guitar. The elements and travails of life are shrugged off by the hi-denier, water resistant rip stop fabric, and heavy duty
zipped closure. On the move, you’ll nd an integral luggage hanger for easy storage, twin heavily padded ergonomically designed shoulder straps, with
hideaway ap, for easy portability, and if you’re hand carrying, the soft touch, suede handle cover makes carrying your guitar a breeze.
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