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Performance Snare System
Retrofit the Grover Pro Performance Snare System to any standard snare drum. Easily attach using the
enclosed heavy-duty strapping or flexible Dacron cord (for increased sensitivity). Improve sound and
performance of your snare drum! While most other drum manufacturers focus on features that have
negligible impact on sound quality, we believe that snare wires are the most critical part of any snare drum.
It’s the interaction between the wires and bottom head that account for the majority of a snare’s sound. That’s
why we personally handcraft each snare in our own U.S. factory.
The Non-Spiral Snare (NSS) wires provide drummers with an increase of snare projection, sensitivity,
&“fatness” of sound. Unlike ordinary spiral snares (which only contact the bottom head at the apex of the
wire), our NSS wires make continuous contact over the entire length of the wire. This means our snares have
a contact area much greater than any other wire snares! Increased contact with the bottom head means
maximized attack & projection across a fuller spectrum of sonorities. Since we manufature each unit by
hand, our Non-Spiral Snares are available in wide range of sizes. Our Snares come in both standard length
& extended length models.
Snare Wires
• JD (Jazz Dark, Light gauge)
Sensitive, dark, quick, for drums 5” or thinner
• JB (Jazz Bright, Light gauge)
Sensitive, bright, quick, for drums 5” or thinner
• CD (Club Dark, Medium gauge)
Full, dark, medium attack, most versatile,
for drums of any depth
• CB (Club Light, Medium gauge)
Full, bright, medium attack, most versatile,
for drums of any depth
• CC (Club Combo, Medium gauge)
Combination of Club Bright & Dark wires
• CX (Concert Xtreme, Combo)
Full range for concert or drumset,
improves sound of any standard SD
• SD (Stadium Dark, Heavy gauge)
Strong attack, dark, fat, for drums 6” or deeper
• SB (Stadium Bright, Heavy gauge)
Strong attack, bright, fat, for drums 6” or deeper
• SX (Medium gauge orchestral)
Silver Wire/Bronze Cable Combo, sensitive & dry,
powerful response; like traditional gut snares. • • • Ph: 800.424.4724


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