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Our Story...
Since 1980, Grover Pro Percussion products have been in strong
demand, known as some of the finest musical instruments ever made,
and can be found in virtually every corner of the world!
Grover Pro Percussion was founded in 1980 by Boston-based percussionist Neil Grover. The company’s
roots start with Neil aiming to reproduce the sound of the Boston Symphony’s vintage Leedy triangle. His
natural curiosity led him to explore why that particular triangle had such uniquely vibrant musical sound
qualities. With the help of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Acoustics & Vibrations Lab,
Neil set out to uncover the secret of creating a triangle with prominent overtone resonance, resulting in a
9” triangle he crafted for his personal use.
Starting a percussion manufacturing company was the furthest thing from Neil’s mind, but when Boston’s
percussionists heard the “Grover” triangle, they insisted that Neil make them one. Neil started making
triangles, one at a time, to satisfy requests of his Boston-based colleagues, and soon, for top percussionists
around the world. Unintentionally, the Grover® Super-Overtone™ triangle was born.
After Triangles came Tambourines, Mallets, Woodblocks, Snare Drums, and more. Neil developed & tested
each product personally, ensuring a high level of quality control that remains unparalleled in the industry.
The company’s mission has been the same since the beginning: Supply the world’s finest percussion products
for professionals, students, and performing ensembles.
Today, Grover Pro Percussion is owned by RBI Music, a Texas based company with 60+ years in the Music
Industry, and employs a dedicated team of percussion specialists, production experts, and seasoned business
managers. Despite his busy performance schedule, Neil Grover continues to oversee the development of
every single product.
A Message From Our Founder...
Grover Pro Percussion was founded in 1980 with one clear goal; to
design & manufacture the world’s finest percussion products. As a
professional percussionist, I understand the importance of using the
best tools available. Our very first products, a tambourine & triangle,
were developed with the rich acoustic sonority of Boston’s Symphony
Hall in mind. For over forty years I had the great fortune of performing
with one of the world’s preeminent orchestras. During that period
every Grover Pro product was professionally “play tested” by my
colleagues & me in Boston Symphony Hall & around the globe with the
world’s finest orchestras. In 1981, I attended our first PASIC show &
our products sold out in the first hour! It was proof that discriminating
percussionists, like you & me, recognized the value of high-quality
craftsmanship. Grover Pro continued to expand over four decades
to include more than 180 products. Our sales grew to include worldclass percussionists around the globe, including North America, Asia,
Europe, & Australia. In 2019 the opportunity to join forces with a
synergistic percussion brand, TOCA, presented itself. From the start, I
recognized the possibilities, & could not have been more energized by the prospect of seeing Grover Pro as part
of a larger, quality-focused enterprise. Together with RBI Music, we can fill the needs of a wider range of both
professional & casual players, not to mention music educators & aspiring young percussionists.
I strongly believe that our partnership with RBI Music is a real tour-de-force. I hope you do too!
- Neil Grover


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