Grover Pro Percussion Catalog - Page 5

Rock Maple Woodblocks
• WB-7 New England Rock Maple Block (7” Small)
• WB-8 New England Rock Maple Block (8” Medium)
• WB-9 New England Rock Maple Block (9” Large)
• WB-10 New England Rock Maple Block (10” Extra Large)
Easily mounts on stand from either end, or use on a tabletop.
Open-Tone Temple Blocks
• TPB-X Standard 5 block Set w/ mounting bar
• TPB-XT Standard 5 block Set w/ mounting bar
(Includes Height Adjustable Block Stand)
• TPB-STAND Height-Adjustable Block Stand
Heavy Duty, Chrome
• GWC-3G Granadillo Wood Castanets
1 Pair, Large (Internal-tension). Includes
Zipper Case & Protective Castanet Cover
Quick-Adjust Machine
• GWC-CM Quick-Adjust Castanet Machine
with Solid Granadillo clappers & Oak frame
Mounting Frame
• GWC-MF Oak Castanet Mounting Frame
Fits most professional handled castanets
(Castanets Not included.)
Professional Musical Anvil
• PMA-A – pitches 1 & 3 (Higher)
• PMA-B – pitches 2 & 4 (Lower)
Anvils produce two distinct pitches, plus a third
“harmonic” sonority when stuck on the center logo.
Dual-Tone Anvil Hammer
• PMA-H1 Hammer has 2 sides: hard (Brass)
& soft (Nylon). Use on Anvils or metallic idiophones. • • • Ph: 800.424.4724


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