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Sweet Pipes Recorder Music
Folk Songs From A World Apart
Devotional Hymns For SAT Recorder
Big Ben by Paul Clark
A collection of 8 beautiful folk melodies arranged for
beginning and intermediate soprano recorders. Most
arrangements include a very easy Soprano Recorder
2 part that can be played by beginners as descants as
others sing the song. The optional accompaniments
are purposely minimal. They include Orff instruments
and, for each orchestration, one unpitched percussion
instrument. The orchestration scores are complete
and include both recorder parts. The recorder parts
are also printed separately on pages.
This collection of eight
devotional hymns is moderately
easy and intended primarily to
allow recorder players to focus
on basic playing techniques
such as blend, tuning and
phrasing without worrying about
tricky technical passages.
by Susan Lindvall
by Marilyn Copeland Davidson
Eight easy pentatonic pieces for soprano recorder
and piano. The soprano recorder part uses six notes
of the pentatonic scale from D to D’. A delightful
and easy program piece. Piano score and
recorder part.
Complete SP2302
Recorder part only SP2302A
Easy Does It! by Norman Ward
Seven easy graded pieces for young beginning
students. Soprano recorder part contains eight notes
from D to D’, and has simple rhythmic patterns.
Piano score and recorder part.
Complete SP2330
Recorder part only SP2330A
Sing! Play! Move!
by Beth Crook & David S. Walker
Six appealing songs and dances from around the
world arranged for recorders, Chromaharp®, guitar,
and percussion. Song texts included. Beginning and
intermediate players. SP2317
Lift Your Voices by Gwendolyn Skeens
Recorders Around the World
Canciones De Las Tierras Espanolas (Songs
Recorders Without Borders I
From Spanish Lands) Seven Songs from the Spanish
Language arranged by David Eddleman
by Nina Stern
Nina Stern is one of North America’s leading
performers for the recorder and
classical clarinet. She is also
hailed as an innovator in teaching
school age children to be fine
young musicians. She performs
regularly as a principal player with
the New York Philharmonic and
New York City Opera. Only three
notes - B, A, and G have been
used. The addition of percussion enlivens the pieces
immeasurably. SP2409
This collection features seven well-known folk songs
from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. For two
soprano recorders, optional alto recorder, guitar
and optional percussion, these arrangements are
designed for the intermediate players who have
mastered some chromatics beyond F# and A#,
including Eb (D#), and a brief G#. SP2384
Duet Time, Book 1 arranged by Sonya Burakoff
Ten delightful and easy arrangements for two
soprano recorders, with optional percussion parts.
Can be used alone or in combination with Recorder
Time, Book 1. SP2309
An inspiring collection of three easy concert pieces Lift Your Voice, Song of Brotherhood, and I Hear Music.
Scored for soprano recorder and voice, with piano
accompaniment. These festive songs are impressive,
yet simple, and are appropriate for any occasion.
Perfect for performances combining singers
and players.
Complete SP2354
Voice and recorder part SP2354A
Charming intermediate soprano duets with optional
percussion. Parts of equal difficulty and interest. .
Duet settings of music of the Baroque period in
combinations of SS, SA, SS/A. Ten selections of music
by Handel, Telemann, Bach, Purcell, Scarlatti, and
others. Intermediate level. SP2334
Equally Easy
Recorders Without Borders II
Duet Time, Book 2 arranged by Sonya Burakoff
by Nina Stern
Baroque Time
arranged by Gerald Burakoff and Willy Strickland
Playing Favorites arranged by Paul Clark
by Sonya Burakoff
A collection of beginning duets for sopranos and
alto recorders. SP2347
Folk Tunes From The Hispanic Tradition
by Virginia Nylander Ebinger
Nineteen songs from the
Hispanic folk culture for
soprano and alto recorder
solos, duets, trios, some with an
optional percussion line, most
with chord symbols for guitar or
classroom instrument. Easy to
intermediate level. Spanish words
and literal translations included.
Ten famous tunes by ten renowned composers
whose music has delighted generations of music
lovers down to the present time. Scored for SA
recorders and piano. Intermediate difficulty.
Complete SP2363
Recorder part only SP2363A
arranged by Gerald Burakoff and Willy Strickland
Delightful settings of ten famous ballads and dance
tunes from Jacobean, Restoration, Elizabethan, and
Shakespearean England. Duets scored for soprano
and alto recorders, with optional tenor recorder.
Soprano and alto parts of equal interest and difficulty.
For the intermediate recorder player. SP2316
Keeping It Simple by Chris Judah-Lauder
The Christmas Album
arranged by Gerald Burakoff and Willy Strickland
An instrumental collection of eleven favorite
and traditional carols for the lower intermediate
level recorder player. Scored for a variety of duet
combinations, with parts of equal difficulty and
interest. SS, SA, SS/A. No lyrics. SP2335
Renaissance Time
Songs Of Praise
Ten effective duet settings of music from the
Renaissance. Scored for a variety of duet
combinations, SS, SA, SS/A. Intermediate level.
Melodies from the choral, hymn, and folk literature
arranged for two soprano recorders with optional
accompaniment. These simple but effective
arrangements can be played by recorders alone or
with keyboard. SP2339
arranged by David S. Walker
arranged by Gerald Burakoff and Willy Strickland
Thirteen Beginner to Intermediate Recorder Pieces
from Around the World using
one octave (low D to middle D)
and Percussion. The included CD
is intended to provide an idea of
what the pieces can sound like.
Each tune has four musical tracks:
(1) performance of the piece
with all parts; (2) percussion parts
only; (3) percussion parts with
Recorder 2; (4) percussion parts
with Recorder 1. SP2411
Journey Around the Globe
Musicke From Olde England
This collection of nine original soprano and alto
duets with unpitched percussion offers several
strategies for teaching. Teacher and student scores
are included for each arrangement. Permission to
copy the student score is granted for the students in
a class. SP2385
by Darla Meek
Recorder package, book and CD. Includes
24 pedagogy lessons for teaching soprano
recorder. Notes are introduced
individually, in sequence, and in
a musical context. Each lesson
is accompanied with a power
point presentation. The slides
progress through the lesson steps
and incorporate pictures from
the country featured in the lesson,
pictures of scenery, famous places,
and people, foods, musicians, sports, etc.
Around The World In 30 Tunes
Selected and edited by Sonya Burakoff
Illustrations by John Mahlmann
Visit 21 countries via 30 tunes. All of these selections
are suitable for beginning to intermediate players,
and chord symbols have been included for guitar or
other chordal instruments. SP2360


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