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Sweet Pipes Recorder Music
The Big Easy
by Bradley Bonner
A first time player’s introduction to the B, A, G, E,
D, and F# notes on the soprano recorder. The book
comes complete with 18 CD accompaniment tracks,
3 tracks for each note’s lesson. Skills such as singing,
counting, breath­ing, understanding form, reading
notes and playing musically are all encouraged by the
se­quen­tial lessons and stylistically varying CD ac­com­
pa­ni­ments. Permission to copy the printed music is
grant­ed for your stu­dents. SP2376
Masterwork Themes For Three
Soprano Recorders
by Bradley Bonner
Three soprano recorder parts highlight Clas­si­cal and
Romantic themes from Surprise Symphony Theme,
Vari­a­tions On A Beethoven Theme, 1812 Overture, and
Wil­l­iam Tell Overture. Recorder part one is the mel­o­dy.
Re­cord­er part two provides har­mo­ny. Re­cord­er part
three is a basic part written for the be­gin­ning player.
Complete (Teacher’s Score, 1 set of Recorder parts,
1 CD) SP2369
Accompaniment/Performance CD
Set of 1 each Recorder parts SP2369S
Ten-Pack Recorder parts SP2369P
Country Swing by Ken Harris
Easy to intermediate level songs of four country
style arrangements for two soprano recorders.
Songs: Country Swing, Coun­try Ballad, Boogie
Swing, and Jazz Swing - Includes fun CD tracks to
keep their toes tapping.
Complete (Teacher’s Score, 1 set of Re­cord­er
parts, 1 CD) SP2374
Accompaniment/Performance CD
Set of 1 each Recorder Parts SP2374S
Ten-Pack Recorder Parts SP2374P
Swingin’ Recorders
by Ken Harris
Students and pros have played Ken Har­ris’ band
and Jazz band ar­range­ments over the years. Ken
now uses his talent to write four ar­rangements
which can be played by first year soprano
recorder players. Four swinging ar­range­ments for
the beginning soprano recorder player. Include
swing, waltz, latin, and rock. Includes jazzy CD
tracks to keep the fun going.
Complete (Teacher’s Score, 1 set of Recorder
parts, 1 CD) SP2371
Accompaniment/Performance CD
Set of 1 each Recorder Parts SP2371S
Ten-Pack Recorder Parts SP2371P
A Ram Sam “Jam” Plus Three
by Bradley Bonner
The songs and styles included are - A Ram Sam
“Jam” (poly-rhythm), Johnny R’s Groove (Blues),
South of the Border (Mariachi) and Let It Shine
(Jazz). Each of the four songs includes two
soprano re­cord­er parts.
Complete (Teacher’s Score, 1 set of Recorder,
Percussion/Melody parts, 1 CD)
Re­cord­er Repast
Let Freedom Ring For Soprano
by Bradley Bonner
A collection of 8 patriotic songs for the soprano
recorder. Can be used in a school or church setting,
and each arrangement can be performed as a
solo or in a group. Comes with CD of practice
and performance tracks. Includes: America, Battle
Hymn of the Republic, America the Beautiful, You’re
A Grand Old Flag, We Shall Overcome, Yankee
Doodle, Finlandia, and When Johnny Comes
Marching Home. SP2383
Accompaniment/Per­for­mance CD
by Thomas C. Donaldson
A well-tested compilation of recorder songs, is
just what you need to inspire students to learn
their notes and fingerings. This book modifies
well known children songs to be more fun and
appealing to the students of today. Adding a
song list is enough to see the difference with
humor. Comes with 2 audio CDs with practice and
performance tracks for programs, and a shirt CD
with PDF printed music files.
Set of 1 each Recorder, Percussion/Mel­od
Parts SP2370S
Ten-Pack Recorder, Percussion/Melody Parts
Seeds Of World Discovery
by Robert Amchin
Second in a series of arrangements to challenge
advanced soprano recorder players and
beginning alto players! These arrangements of
songs from around the world combine soprano
player melodies of various difficulty levels with
alto parts of three to five notes. This is a great
addition to any general music teacher’s world
music recorder ensemble repertoire.
Cool ‘Corders
arranged by Ken Harris
Nine intermediate arrangements for soprano
recorder with varying styles include Swing,
Blues, Rock, March, Waltz, and Latin. Terrific
for classroom or performance. Interesting
piano accompaniments and fun recorder parts
result in a real crowd pleaser! The CD piano
accompaniments are played by Dee Spencer.


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