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Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum Series
by Ellen Foncannon
The Boom-a-Tunes™ Curriculum Series is designed for teaching
standardized music notation along with general music skills. Each volume
in this sequenced music education curriculum comes with lesson plans,
activities, scores and MENC standards, with reproducible student visuals, lyrics,
work sheets, and final reviews. Instrumental CD included in each book.
Spans Grades K-6.
Materials for Music Education
Ellen Foncannon is a veteran music
teacher in Arkansas. She has arranged
and composed many works for Piano,
Choir and Boomwhackers® and
received the JW Pepper Choice Award
for Cold and Fugue Season for choir.
She was also the first Director
of Education for Boomwhackers®.”
Volume 1 Uses C Major Diatonic Set. Introduces students to treble music
notation skills. The educational lyrics teach the location of the notes on the
staff and integrate singing and playing to involve the entire class. Kid-tested
and teacher approved! 20 Lessons. Grades K-3. BT1B
Volume 2 Uses C Major Diatonic and Treble Extension Sets. Completes
treble clef reading through high G. The 6/8 time signature is introduced with
the memorable lyrics, “An eighth note gets one beat. Stomp your feet!”
Actively involve all your students with music they can really get their hands
on. 13 Lessons. Grades 2-5. BT2B
Volume 3 Uses C Major Diatonic, Treble Extension & Bass Diatonic Sets &
Octavator™ Tube Caps. Introduces bass clef and grand staff reading. Covers
time signatures, flats and dynamics. 13 Lessons. Grades 3-6. BT3B
Volume 4 Uses all Boomwhackers Tube Sets [except Pentatonic] and
Octavator™ Tube Caps. Completes bass clef notes and grand staff reading. Also
covers mixed meter, tempo markings, intervals, accents and accidentals. Involves
the entire class in singing and playing. 11 Lessons. Grades 4-6. BT4B
Volume 5 Uses all Boomwhackers Tube Sets [except Pentatonic] and
Octavator™ Tube Caps. Covers triplets, seventh chords and Latin rhythms,
mixed meter, major/minor/perfect intervals and tempo markings. Includes
instrumental themes from Bach, Beethoven and Grieg and 2- and 3-part
choral pieces. 10 Lessons. Grades 5-6. BT5B
The Tubular™ Series
by Ellen Foncannon
Each book in this series contains a variety of songs in full Boomwhackers
Musical Tube scores with melody, reproducible “EZ” chordal sheets, lyrics
pages and an instrumental CD. This makes it possible for players of different
ability levels to perform together. Easy to use with Boomalong™ Color Signals
available to download free from our website, www.boomwhackers.com.
A Tubular™ Christmas A playful new twist to familiar holiday songs.
Each piece comes complete with its own reproducible lyrics sheet, some with
optional multi-part arrangements. Grades K-4. EFCH
Tubular™ Camp Songs Enhance the camping experience by
promoting team-building, physical activity and grooving to the beat. This
book makes it easy to bring musical games and rhythm to camp. All ages.
Tubular™ Classics Put classical themes of the great composers into the
hands of every student. Includes Ode to Joy, William Tell Overture, The
Can-Can, La Donna Mobile, New World Symphony and 11 more! Also has
“Did You Know?” composer facts for a whacky view of music history.
All grades. EFCL
Tubular™ Patriotic Songs Go red, white and blue! (Okay, you’ll need
more colors than that!) Includes America, Stars & Stripes Forever, Grand Old
Flag, 1812 Overture and 8 more, arranged singly or in medleys. All grades.
Tubular™ Spirituals Breathe new life into these wonderful old
spirituals with Boomwhackers Tubes. With titles like Kum Ba Yah, Peace Like
a River and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, these pieces are suitable for both
school and church. Includes historical notes that help incorporate these
selections into Black History Month. All grades. EFSP
Bible Boomers™
by Ellen Foncannon
Incorporates the sound and action of the tubes to express the stories of
traditional and original scripturally based songs. Actions and programs
suggestions included make any performance a colorful and immediate hit.
A special feature of this volume is the tear-out color cards (based on our
Chroma-NotesTM System) in the center of the book. Ask everyone to play only
when you show their color. CD included. Ages 5-12. EBB1
Tube Time™ Series
by Ellen Foncannon
Tube Time™ Volume 1 Delight young children with
the bright colors and unique sounds of the Musical Tubes.
This teacher-friendly material is written for the
pre-school teacher and music specialist alike with
objectives, evaluation chart and Pre-K MENC standards
included. Sing-along CD. Preschool. ETM1
Tube Time™ Volume 2 Music, P.E. and
educational tube fun for young children, with action
games, colors, numbers, clocks and multi-cultured songs.
Sing-along CD. Preschool to Grade 2. ETM2
Tube Time™ Volume 3 More music, P.E. and
educational tube fun with songs and activities. Sections
cover action games, transportation, dances, multi-cultural
and classical music. Sing-along CD. Preschool to Grade 2.
Totally Tubular™ Series
by Ellen Foncannon
This series is for all ages. Many of the games and activities
are also suitable for P.E. They can be used in classrooms,
team building sessions and just to have fun!
Totally Tubular™ Volume 1 Jam-packed with 31
fun-filled games using Boomwhackers Musical Tubes.
Incorporates music, drama and movement. Includes CD and
Transformer game card templates. Any age. EFT1
Totally Tubular™ Volume 2 More fun music,
rhythm and P.E. activities for groups using Boomwhackers
Tubes. Games are competitive, cooperative or just for fun.
CD songs and rhythm tracks can be used in a variety of
ways. Any age. EFT2
Totally Tubular™ “Whactive” Indoor and outdoor
activities suitable for P.E. or any group that likes to get
moving. Uses Boowhackers tubes and commonly
available items such as balls hoops and cones.
Any age. EFTW
Building Blocks™ Series
by Cathy Shinaberry
This series offers an alternative to traditional notation for
beginners using color-coded squares and rectangles to
introduce left-to-right reading, vertical relationships of
pitch and horizontal relationships of duration.
Building Blocks™ Childrens Songs Volume 1
12 familiar children’s songs using the C Major Diatonic Set.
Pre-K to Grade 2. BV1T
Building Blocks™ Childrens Songs Volume 2
Expands the musical range to include some bass notes and
B-flat. 12 familiar songs. Pre-K to Grade 2. BV2T
Building Blocks™ Chistmas Songs
Includes 11 familiar songs. Uses B-flat and some bass
notes. Pre-K to Grade 3. BVCT


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