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Aulos® Recorders
Best VALUE available for student recorders from Aulos,
the world leader in high quality student recorders for OVER 60 years.
The Aulos Collection Major Features:
Aulos is the best value avail­able in recorders as each instrument has been carefully designed for suc­cess­ful
use, ease of playing in all registers, and has accurate intonation. All of which are necessary in a class of
beginning recorder players!
• Superb voicing
• Patented double joint permits smooth joining with no air leaks
• Constructed of strong, high-class ABS resin
• Excellent intonation throughout full range of instrument
• Each Aulos recorder has a lifetime warranty against plastic breakage
RBI FAQ: What’s the difference between one, two and three-piece recorders?
One piece recorders are best for beginning players and classroom settings. Why? Because younger players
might have a tendency to turn the bodies (the joints) and make changes to the tuning. Older, more
accomplished players, and their teachers will appreciate the 2 and 3 piece recorders for playing in ensembles
because of the ability to change tuning and gain more precise intonation.
Soprano Recorders
Soprano Recorder
This NEW student
recorder by Aulos has the most beautiful tone, rich volume and clearest
sound for a price most students and
schools can afford. With a curved
windway and concave bell at the
footjoint, this high quality student
recorder is carefully designed for successful use, accurate intonation and
ease of playing and response in all
registers. Ivory color with a vinyl bag
and a fingering chart. A great
choice for any student of any age!
Now an Aulos
Soprano Re­cord­er
Back in limited supply!
• Built-in thumb rest places right
hand in correct relaxed position.
• Single holes for low C and D
provide ease of playing in
lower register
• Dark brown with ivorycolored trim.
• Accessories: carrying bag,
and fingering chart.
Baroque Fingering
German Fingering
Aulos makes the perfect
recorders for beginners to
advanced players.
Soprano Re­cord­er
Soprano Re­cord­er
• Ivory Color
• Detachable thumb rest
• Single holes for
low C and D provide
ease of playing in
lower register
• Accessories: Cloth
carrying bag,
fingering chart and
cleaning rod.
• Dark Brown or Ivory Color
• Detachable thumb rest
• Includes C# and D# holes
• Accessories: Cloth
car­ry­ing bag, fingering chart
and cleaning rod.
Baroque Fingering
Baroque Fingering
Baroque Fingering
German Fingering
German Fingering
A203A and
A303A ­­­­
thumb rest
More Three-Piece
Soprano Recorders
For classroom, ensemble, and solo play­ing. Excellent re­sponse
with strong, full sound through­out the register. Cloth carrying
bag, cleaning rod, fin­ger­ing chart.
Baroque Fingering A205A
German Fingering A204A
For solo playing and per­for­mance with other in­stru­ments in a
“broken consort.” Bright, rich tone. Ex­cel­lent carrying power and
broad, dynamic range. Sim­u­lat­ed leather bag.
Baroque Fingering A503B
This high-quality re­cord­er has been cre­at­ed on the refined design
of the great crafts­man Ri­ch­ard Haka. Accurate intonation and
rich, ex­pres­sive ability are char­ac­ter­is­tic of this unique in­stru­ment.
Simu­lat­ed leather bag.
Baroque Fingering A703B
With Beau­ti­ful Simulated Wood Grain Finish
Used by educators around the world to800-424-4724
introduce students to basic music theory and sounds through
a portable, durable, easy to use wind instrument


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