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Early Childhood
Winner of Parents’
Choice Award
Set includes an interactive CD, performed
by Mark Walker and narrated by Bob.
Listeners discover each instrument in a
game by the Sound, Shape, and Color.
Listeners can then play along with five
world rhythms: Cha Cha from Cuba, Awa
Odori from Japan, Saidi from Egypt, March
from New Orleans, and Samba from Brazil.
In each of the World Rhythms, Mark
plays three or four authentic
percussion instruments from that
country. Listeners learn the names and
sounds of 13 different world percussion
instruments that Bob identifies.
“Music makes you smarter and
is lots and lots of fun!”
Bob McGrath, “Bob on Sesame Street”
Play-along CD
Bob McGrath Rhythm Band Set
The instruments included in this unique set were selected by Bob McGrath, “Bob on Sesame Street”, and are sure to be a hit with pre-schoolers and kids in the early
elementary grades. The instruments can be used successfully with the Music For Fun! book and CD by Warner Brothers, and also with Bob’s other recordings listed
on this page. RB52
Perfect for your
Pre-K Classroom!
Sound Explorations
Hap Palmer
Hap Palmer 6 Piece Early
Childhood Set
RBI proudly makes available this com­bi­na­tion
of instruments selected by Hap Palmer to
complement many of his re­cord­ings.
Includes: Pair Ma­ra­cas, Guiro Tone Block
with Mallet, Pair Rhythm
Sticks, Triangle, Jingle
Stick and Tam­bou­rine.
Adventures Through Sound
Adventures with Sound Kit
Young children are invited to begin
their adventures with sound equipped
with an assortment of instruments that
will delight, intrigue, and capture their
imagination. 8" Hand Drum, Glockenspiel,
Tone Block with Mallet, Pair of Sand
Blocks, two Individual Maracas, Triangle
Set, Pair of Rhythm Sticks, Velcro Wrist
Bells and the Adventures With Sound
booklet. RB25
Sound Exploration Kit RB54
Includes the following:
(1) Set of 4 Finger Cymbals RB784
(2) Triangle Set RB749
(2) Tone Block RB755
(2) Pair Claves RB723B
(2) Pair Rhythm Sticks RB767A
(2) Double Jingle Tap RB885
(2) Pair Sand Blocks RB753
(2) Tambourine RB525
(2) Pair Maracas RB1206
(2) Guiro RB1211
(1) Sound Exploration Booklet
These sound explorations, using a variety of rhythm
instruments, are designed to build those auditory skills
essential to reading and other academic achievements.
Games and creative activities are used to motivate students
to learn. Students are invited to create and evaluate solo
compositions and conduct small percussion ensemble
works. The correlation between memorized auditory
perception and academic achievement is very high. The
activities outlined in these materials are designed to
increase memory and auditory listening skills thus aiding
the students in learning.
Bag O’ Beats
The Bag O’ Beats from Rhythm
Band includes ten instruments
that kids will love to play at
home, in the neighborhood
and at school. A drawstring
bag is provided for storage.
Includes: two Individual
Maracas, 4“ Tri­an­gle Set, Pair
of Sand Blocks, Tone Block
with Mallet, Pair of Rhythm Sticks, Cluster Bells, Wrist Bells,
Au­to­mat­ic Hand Castanet and Pair of Finger Cymbals. RB15
Adventures with Sound Book
by Carolynn A. Lindeman
A resource guide for parents and teachers featuring
a variety of strategies to engage young children in
explorations with sound and start them on their
musical adventure. As children explore and learn to
play small percussion instruments (how-to guidelines
for playing the instruments are also provided), they
begin to develop basic understandings about music.
All strategies are “standards-based”, age appropriate,
and include familiar chants, poems, stories, and
songs sure to delight young music makers.


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