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Music Games
Teacher Favorite
Name a Note
Learning the notes on the staff has never been
more fun. Toss the Velcro covered balls to land
on a line or space and then name that note!
Includes both Treble and Bass clef. Measures
27" long x 21" wide. RB451
Essentials of Music Theory Flash Cards
48 rhythm flash cards, containing 96 rhythm
patterns. Organized into 4 progressive sets and
may be used with any beginning music theory
course. Correlated with Essentials of Music
Theory, Book 1 and Volume 1 of the Computer
Software. 00-19396
Movement & Music
Teacher Favorite
Fun with Music Symbols
Youth of all ages will enjoy learning sixteen different
music symbols that appear on the game target.
Includes safe, velcro-covered balls for darts. Great
for home or school. Measures 27" long x 21" wide.
Scarves Scarf
Twelve 27-inch scarves, two of each
rainbow bright color. RB3004
Parachutes offer unlimited group
play and exercise opportunities including cardiovascular
and upper body conditioning
for all ages and ability levels.
Constructed of heavy-duty nylon,
reinforced at stress points and
complete with nylon handles. 12
ft. diameter. RB3000
Music Symbols Spin Game
Kids will enjoy “spinning” their way through sixteen
different music symbols that ap­pear on the game
board. In no time at all they will be able to identify
basic music symbols - and have fun do­ing it! Spinner
board is 18" in diameter. RB454
Small Parachute
Smaller 6' diameter makes it easier for young children to handle.
3-in-1 System
Kodály Hand Signs - Recorder Fingerings KidsPlay® 8 Note Handbells
Bright Color
Ribbon Wands
8 cards, heavy card stock, 5½"x8½". Front shows
Kodály hand signs with color coding to match
KidsPlay® brand handbells. Back shows soprano
recorder fingerings along with note name &
staff position. Cards can all be placed in the optional holder (product #LRCH8).
These quality ribbon wands are great for
working on range-of-motion, high-tracking skills and enhancing any musical
activity. Bright colored ribbon attached
to 9" long plastic sparkle wands with
swivels to prevent tangling. Each set
consists of 6 wands, one of each color.
RB3001 36" Ribbon Wand
RB3002 72" Ribbon Wand
Card Games
Color Cards
wi 20 Cards
A system of 20 cards and instructions
used to enhance your students musical
experience through movement and
exercise. Originally designed and tested
in the music classroom, Ribbonsn-Rhythmz© can easily be incorporated into many other settings such as
vacation bible school, senior care, and
birthday parties. Instructional DVD with
performance track included. Ribbon
Wands or scarves must be ordered
separately. RB3005
Rhythm Cards
Whack-a BoommTM Card Games
Play 20+ games from the double-deck combinations of color and rhythm cards.
Add a boom to recreational and educational music making. Perfect for families,
classrooms and large or small groups. WBC1
Flash Cards
Includes all
notes, symbols
and terms
needed for the
first two years of
study on any musical instrument.
Music Bingo
Teaches names,
descriptions and uses of
music symbols. Beginner
to advanced. 2-36
players. V3914
Dancing Limberjack
Decorate him (or her!) with markers or tempera paint, then make the
limberjack jig doll dance! A wonderful rhythmic folk toy that easily dates
back to the 1850’s. RB769


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