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Mary Knysh
Meet Mary Knysh
If you haven’t already experienced this dynamic and inspiring clinician at the AOSA or TMEA conventions, you
can have her in your classroom by using her fantastic books! As a cutting edge workshop facilitator, trainer and
consultant, Mary’s clinics and learning materials emphasize creativity, leadership and nonverbal communications.
Besides being an Orff Schulwerk clinician, Mary also acts as a teaching artist for the Pennsylvania Council of the
Arts, Young Audiences of NJ, and New York BOCES, and is an international master teacher/trainer with the Music
for People organization. She also regularly travels as a Remo artist throughout the United States, Europe and Asia
offering drum circle facilitator trainings, performances, and workshops.
Mary Knysh is also the founder of Rhythmic Connections, (www.rhythmicconnections.com) an innovative
company advancing education, health, and creative development through drum circles and music improvisation.
A Facilitator’s

Guide to

Ethnic Influenced
Music Improvisation
S ing
By Mary Knysh and Betsy Bevan
 C lap It
 M ove It
 Tap It
CD & activity book
by Mary Knysh
Mary E Knysh
Illustrations by Claire E Wuest
from Rhythm to Melody and Beyond!
Rhythyms All Around
by Mary Knysh
Drumming & Storytelling
Innovative Drum Circles
A remarkably user-friendly guide
and powerful teaching tool for
music educators who are interested
in self-expression through music
improvisation. BoomDoPa offers 31
ethnic-influenced improvisations
for a range of ages, appropriate for
any classroom, and a great way to
approach multi-cultural education.
This “Sing it, Tap it, Clap it” book and
CD for children incorporates voice,
body percussion, movements and
instruments in 17 easy-to-apply
lessons based on the philosophy
“If you can say it, you can play
it!” Great for early elementary.
Welcome to the unique world of
Drumming and Storytelling! This DVD
will show you how to develop basic
rhythmic and drumming skills, including
techniques for music/movement
improvisation. The art of storytelling
will be enhanced through creative art
forms. In this Total Learning approach,
you will discover how drumming and
storytelling provide students with unique
opportunities to explore music and
language. This DVD is outstanding for
your classroom! MKDS
This new book expands drumming
activities into exciting horizons
that include melodic and harmonic
experiences, vocal drumming and musical
improvisation. The activities are designed
to explore ethnic traditions, creativity,
and non-verbal communication through
improvisation and music and movement
activities. Building on a model of bestpractice, brain-based teaching, this book
provides accessible and inspiring ways
to weave pitched instruments, vocals
and drums into stunning melodic and
harmonic possibilities. MKIDC
by Mary Knysh
1-2 Let’s All Play!
by Mary Knysh
This book expands drumming activities to include
melodic and harmonic experiences, vocal drumming
and movement. Intended for educators, facilitators
and parents, these step-by-step activities explore
ethnic traditions and non-verbal communication
through improvisation. MKLAP
by Mary Knysh
by Mary Knysh
Walk About CD
by Mary Knysh
This CD is a musical journey beginning with a native American chant and featuring
Caribbean, African, Irish, South American, Aboriginal and Russian folks songs with
performances by Mary on a variety of instruments. An excellent introduction to
different musical experiences. MKWA
A Day in the Forest
by Mary Knysh
This CD is an exciting contemporary composition created by Mary and Cliohna Ni Aodain to promote and inspire active learning and creative movement as a means
for storytelling in early childhood and primary classrooms. There are two musical story versions on the CD, one with a story narration and the other music only so that
children engage in using their own imaginations to create the movement story. The music features five movements; daybreak, morning, storm, rainbow and nightfall.
This is a fantastic way to get young students into creative movement and storytelling at the same time! MKADF


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