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Aulos® Recorders
Alto Recorders
The patented Aulos
“cavity wall” design,
coupled with a new
high tensile strength
molding powder, has
brought about the
production of this alto
model that is remarkably
light in weight. Dark
brown, Baroque
(English) fingering.
For ensemble and
solo playing. Strong
full sound throughout
the register. Excellent
response. Ivory-colored
mouthpiece, ring, and
foot. Dark brown, Baroque
(English) fingering.
This unique, high-quality
alto recorder has been
created on the refined
design of the great
craftsman Richard Haka,
who built a new age
recorder in the 17th
century. This instrument
incorporates a large
number of patented
structures that were
independently designed
and developed together
with the latest research.
Accurate intonation and
rich, expressive ability
complement this new
model. Light
brown, Baroque
(English) fingering.
For solo playing and
performance with other
instruments in a “broken
consort.” Bright, rich
tone quality, excellent
carrying power and
broad, dynamic range.
Ivory-colored mouthpiece,
thumb bushing, ring, and
foot. Dark brown, Baroque
(English) fingering.
Same as the A709B
model, but with
beautiful simulated
wood grain finish.
All Recorders On This Page Include Thumb Rest, Simulated
Leather Storage Bag, Cleaning Rod And Fingering Chart.
Bass Recorders
Tenor Recorders
Clear and gentle tone.
No key. This new model
is lighter in weight and
smoother in playing
at the higher register.
Narrow mouthpiece,
stream-lined shape,
smaller and less widely
spaced finger holes
provide attractive
appearance and make this
instrument very suitable
for the smaller hand.
Curved windway. Ivory
mouthpiece, ring, and
foot. Dark brown.
For ensemble and solo
playing. Strong, full sound
throughout the
register. Excellent
response. Double keys
for low C and C#. Curved
windway. Ivory-colored
mouthpiece, thumb
bushing, ring, and foot.
Dark brown; three-piece;
detachable thumb rest;
Baroque (English)
fingering; ABS plastic;
simulated leather bag;
cleaning rod;
fingering chart.
New addition to Aulos
Recorder Family, this
“Knick” style bass recorder
is designed for ensemble
playing. Full sound in all
registers. Comfortable
finger stretch and
lightweight for easy
holding. Double keys for
F and F#. Double holes
for G and G#. Direct
blow mouthpiece and
built-in thumb rest. Ivorycolored mouthpiece,
two rings and foot. Dark
brown; Baroque (English)
Fingering; deluxe carrying
bag, joint grease,
neck strap.
For ensemble playing. This improved
design allows for easier fingering and
fuller richer sound in all registers.
Curved double F and F# keys, along
with an offset, curved bocal provide
a more natural positioning much like
that of a bassoon (also has double
holes for G and G#). The cork has been
eliminated from the bocal, which is
now top-mounted, and replaced with
a rubber seal doing away with the
need for cork maintenance. A full 2 ½”
longer than our previous model, this
bass recorder will impress with ease
of playing and tone quality. Includes
a deluxe carry case, joint grease, neck
strap, cleaning rod, adjustable thumb
rest and fingering chart. Baroque
(English) fingering. Constructed from
virtually indestructible ABS plastic.
See More FAQs About Aulos Recorders at www.aulosusa.com


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