Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 13

Musicke From Olde England arranged
by Gerald Burakoff and Willy Strickland
Delightful settings of ten famous ballads and
dance tunes from Jacobean, Restoration,
Elizabethan, and Shakespearean England.
Duets scored for soprano and alto recorders,
with optional tenor recorder. Soprano and alto
parts of equal interest and difficulty. For the
intermediate recorder player. SP2316 $3.50
The Christmas Album arranged by
Gerald Burakoff and Willy Strickland
An instrumental collection of eleven
favorite and traditional carols for the lower
intermediate level recorder player. Scored for
a variety of duet combinations, with parts of
equal difficulty and interest. SS, SA, SS/A. No
lyrics. SP2335 $2.95
Songs Of Praise
arranged by David S. Walker
Melodies from the choral, hymn, and folk
literature arranged for two soprano recorders
with optional accompaniment. These simple
but effective arrangements can be played by
recorders alone or with keyboard.
SP2339 $2.95
Seeds Of Discovery Introducing Alto
Recorder to Recorder and Orff Ensembles by
Robert A. Amchin
Arrangements that challenge the more
advanced soprano players and beginning alto
players! This alto recorder book presents folk
song arrangements (with lyrics) that combine
soprano player melodies of various difficulty
levels with alto parts of only three or four
notes. Each piece includes a teacher’s score
with lesson ideas, guitar chords, and suggested
Orff accompaniment as well as a copypermitted student recorder part with fingering
chart. Works well in a general music recorder
group. SP2403 $8.95
Medieval To Modern Musical
Cameos arranged by Roger Buckton
Twelve charming and varied duets for soprano
and alto recorders that include examples of
the major stylistic music periods: Medieval,
Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and
20th Century. The parts are of equal interest
and range in difficulty from easy to more
challenging pieces. SP2353 $4.50
Recorders ‘N Rhythm arranged by Sonya
Burakoff and Robert A. Amchin
This collection of ten easy duet arrangements
for two soprano recorders and unpitched
percussion contains a variety of songs and
dances that were chosen for recorders, voices
or combined performance. Familiar selections
with piano accompaniment offer perfect study
pieces and excellent concert material! Piano
accompaniments are included in the Teacher
Book along with Recorder/Vocal parts. The
Student Book includes Recorder/Vocal parts
only. SP2362 $4.50
It Takes 2 by Chris Judah-Lauder
A collection of 8 soprano and alto recorder
duets with piano and/or Orff accompaniment.
These songs are made for the intermediate
level or 5th grade in the general music
class. Permission is granted for purchaser
to download the CD and make copies for
one school. CD includes PDF and WAV files
for soprano part, alto part, and piano/Orff
accompaniment. SP2415 $24.95
Alto For Two arranged by Sonya Burakoff
Twenty easy-to-intermediate alto recorder
duets with optional percussion parts. An
excellent introduction to alto ensemble
playing, with parts of equal difficulty and
interest. Can be used successfully alone or in
combination with alto methods.
SP2345 $3.95
Recorder Music
Thirteen Great Hymns Of The
Eighteenth Century arranged by William
E. Hettrick
This collection presents musically satisfying
arrangements for recorder quartet (SATB) of
revered Christian hymn melodies originally
published in the eighteenth century and
still cherished today. Nine are from England,
while Austria, Germany, Scotland and the
United States are represented by one each.
Recommended for intermediate players.
SP2387 $5.95
Joyful Tidings arranged by William E. Hettrick
Here are seventeen of the loveliest carols in
new arrangements for recorder quartet (SATB)
with plenty of interest in the lower parts.
SP2348 $6.95
Trios International
arranged by Paul Clark
Ten interesting and unusual folk tune treasures
from around the world. Arranged skillfully and
tastefully for soprano, alto and tenor recorders.
All parts are of equal interest and are of
intermediate difficulty. SP2344 $3.75
Moon River music by Henry Mancini,
Words by Johnny Mercer, arranged by David
Scored for recorder trio (SSA/T) and keyboard.
Optional voice and guitar parts provide a
choice of settings for this charming selection.
Seventeen Old Favorite Hymns
arranged by William E. Hettrick
Many of the best loved Protestant hymn
melodies were written by British and American
composers of the Victorian era. This new
edition presents a varied selection of old
favorites from the wealth of 19th century
hymnody, newly arranged in appropriate
style for recorder quartet, (SATB). Musically
rewarding but not technically demanding.
SP2337 $3.95
SP2350 $4.75
Over The Rainbow music by Harold
Arlan, Words by E.Y. Harburg, Arranged by David
Arranged for recorder trio (SSA/T) and
keyboard, optional voice and guitar part,
offering a variety of performance choices.
SP2352 $4.75
Bach For Three Recorders arranged by
Maurice C. Whitney
This collection includes effective arrangements
of eight well-known examples of Bach’s
extensive output from the harpsichord
suites, cantatas, oratorios, chorales, and other
instrumental pieces. The trio (SAT) settings are
of intermediate difficulty, and can be enjoyed
by players at all levels of proficiency.
SP2356 $4.95
Devotional Hymns For SAT
Recorder by Susan Lindvall
This collection of eight devotional hymns
is moderately easy and intended primarily
to allow recorder players to focus on basic
playing techniques such as blend, tuning
and phrasing without worrying about tricky
technical passages. Written for soprano, alto,
and tenor recorders. SP2408 $4.95

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