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Our molas r item!
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Boomophone™ XTS
Whack Pack
7-Note Treble Extension Set (Upper Treble, C#’’, D’’, D#’’, E’’, F’’, F#’’, G’’) BWEG $14.98
6-Note Pentatonic Set (C, D, E, G, A, C’) BWPG $17.98
8-Note Diatonic C-C’ Set - PERFECT STARTER SET (Treble Octave) BWDG $22.98
5-Note Chromatic Set (Treble Octave C
. #, D#, F#, G#, A#) BWCG $15.98
7-Note Diatonic C,-B Set (Bass Octave) BWJG* $40.98
5-Note Chromatic Set (Bass Octave C#, D#, F#, G#, A#) BWKG* $29.98
on a full Boomwhacker set with 8 Octavator caps
(Includes BWDG, BWCG, BWEG, BWJG, BWKG + OC8G) BWFS* $119.95
This innovative product expands
the versatility of the popular
Boomwhackers® Musical
Tubes by enabling them to
be played like a xylophone.
The Whack Pack contains: the
8-tube Boomwhackers C Major
Diatonic Scale Set; XyloTote™
Tube Holder; Boomwhacker
Whacker™ Mallets; Octavator™
Tube Cap that lowers the
pitch of any Boomwhackers
tube by a full octave; Whack-aDoodle-Doo! Songbook (with
color-coded notes to match the
Boomwhackers) and instructions.
The Boomophone XTS Whack
Pack has received several awards,
including Parents’ Choice Seal of
Approval, The National Parenting
Center Seal of Approval,
iParenting Media Award and
Creative Child Magazine’s Top
Creative Toys for 2004.
BPXS $49.98
*Oversize shipping charges apply.
Boomwhacker WhackerTM
Move and Play with Boomwhackers
Ideal for music class or physical education,
“Move & Play with Boomwhackers” kit
enhances learning by integrating music and
movement. The book /CD combo contains
arrangements, music and choreography
(along with a video tutorials) for 10 popular
songs that work for all levels of music
and dance experience. Includes a set of
25 Boomwhackers and 4 Octavtor caps
designed so that a group of 12 or more can
perform all of the included songs. Arrives in
a Boomwhackers totebag so you are ready to
go and play.
“Fully loaded” Tube Holder
XyloToteTM Tube Holder
Made of cotton, elastic, and hook-and-loop
fasteners, the XyloToteTM is an important
component of the Boomophone™
XTS Whack Pack. Two or more can be
combined end-to-end for a wider range
of play. XT8G $23.98
Move and Play with Boomwhackers
Mallets that are perfect for use
on the Boomwhacker tubes
when being played like a
xylophone. Also included in the
BoomophoneTM XTS Whack
Pack. ML1G $7.98
OctavatorTM Tube Caps
These caps lower the tone of
the tubes by an octave when
placed on one end of the tube.
The 8-pack contains enough
caps to use on any of the
Boomwhackers Sets.
OC8G $9.98
Full Kit (includes Boomwhackers,
bag, book, CD/DVD) BWMP $89.98
Bag BWMP-BAG $15.95
Activity Book, CD/DVD
BWMP-BOOK $34.95
For 13-Note Boomwhacker Set
BWH13 $11.50

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