Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 16

Bradley Bonner Boomwhackers® CD’s and Animated DVD’s
The Performers’ Pack Volume1
by Bradley Bonner
The use of Boomwhackers has become
prevalent in music programs, clubs, and
home school activities at all levels. These
animated arrangements are designed for
advancing ensembles with players of varied
experience levels. BB228 $21.95
Boomwhackers® Games CD
Animated Boomwhackers,
Volume 1
Capture a child’s imagination with music,
movement, and Boomwhackers! This animated
DVD has 15 Boomwhackers activities for early
childhood (ages 4-6) musical experiences.
Direction tracks make all of Brad Bonner’s
animated materials accessible to both seasoned
music educators and class leaders with limited
music experience. BB223 $19.95
by Bradley Bonner
Includes seven enjoyable activities
for pre-K, kindergarten, first, and
second grade students. The CD
includes instruction tracks that
aurally teach the primary students
how to play the games. (14 tracks)
No book with this CD.
BB200 $12.00
Primary Boomwhackers®
Beat Bag by Bradley Bonner
A variety of games and arrangements
for kindergarten through fourth grade.
The accompaniment CD includes
practice and performance versions of
the material. Book, with permission to
copy, and CD are included.
BB107 $15.95
Animated Boomwhackers,
Volume 2
This follow-up to Animated Boomwhackers,
Volume 1 is in a similar format, designed for
1st to early 4th grade levels. Direction tracks
demonstrate the expected learning outcomes
while performance tracks encourage group
practice and mastery. Sixteen sequential tracks
introduce players to the elements of rhythm,
melody, harmony, form, dynamics and style in a
variety of Boomwhacker experiences. Intuitive
and highly interactive! BB224 $19.95
Animated Boomwhackers,
Volume 3
Includes DVD activities for children 3rd grade
through middle school. This progressive
DVD covers a wide range of musical learning
experiences for your students! Each lesson
includes a separate direction, practice and
performance track. This program will keep your
kids on their toes!
More Boomwhackers®
Games CD by Bradley Bonner
More fun and exciting games for
pre-K through 2nd grade! From the
creator of Boomwhackers Games
BB210 $12.00
BWhacky Tracks
by Bradley Bonner
The first ever Boomwhackers® Musical! Sing-able songs,
motivating movement with Boomwhackers, exciting
BLB CD accompaniments, and a memorable message
combine to make a “fun-filled” learning experience for
K-3rd grade students. BWhacky Tracks can be taught as
eight separate lessons or combined with the libretto.
Back to the Boomwhackers
by Bradley Bonner
Eight fun-filled thematic lessons for grades 2-5
that focus on basic music elements (beat, rhythm
patterns, melody, ostinato, block harmony, form,
dynamics, and style) while interacting with
varied styles of music including Tango, African
Polyrhythm, Country Ho Down, Military March, 60’s
Rock, Folk, Mixed Meter Jazz, and a Stomp Style
finale. Each lesson includes both a CD performance
track and a demonstration track. Detailed
instructions included. BB201 $15.95
by Bradley Bonner
Boomwhackers Beat Bag comes
with games and arrangements
for 3rd-5th grade students.
Includes printed music book
with permission to copy, and
motivating CD accompaniments
for each lesson.
BB106 $15.95
BB226 $21.95
Boomwhackers® Beat Bag
BB202 $15.95
BWhacky Tracks Demo DVD Created to give teachers
and students a chance to visualize the Bwhacky Tracks Show. Includes
abbreviated songs to cut the performance time. BB202DVD $15.95
BWhacky Tracks Package Includes both BB202 and BB202 DVD.
BB202PKG $26.95

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