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Teach with
The musical notes in these songbooks are
color-coded to match the Boomwhackers
tubes! The colored notes enable anyone to
easily play and learn about reading music at
the same time. One person can play the songs
on a XyloTote™ Tube Holder or several people
can each have one or two tubes and play their
notes as needed. Great for a family or group
activity! *Combine with the Chroma-Note™
bells and chimes on page 18.
Boomwhacker Chord Cards
This set of 8.5” x 5.5” flash cards
includes all C major diatonic chords,
color-coded to match Boomwhackers®.
Ideal for chord playing. Durable card
stock, great to use with the Little
Ringers® card holder (sold separately).
Cards: LRBW8 $6.25
Holder: LRCH8 $17.95
Boomwhacker Play Set
Purchase two of the most
popular Boomwhacker products
together to bring the gift of
music to any age and ability.
This set includes the BWDG,
Boomwhackers Diatonic set, and
the Play Boomwhackers DVD.
This is an excellent introduction
to rhythm and pitch with fun
bouncing characters that keep
even the youngest learners
engaged. BWGS $28.95
This volume has 22 familiar children’s songs
and uses C Major Diatonic Scale Set and the
Chromatics Set. The addition of chromatic
notes allows a wider variety of songs. There are
four different set-ups of tubes in the XyloTote™
for playing songs in various keys.
SB02 $2.98
Boomwhackers® Beatz
Curriculum Edition
Teach important musical concepts with
the Boomwhacker Beatz Curriculum
Edition! Students follow along with the
colorful, bouncing Beatz characters to
create a fun learning experience! The
DVD-ROM includes:
• Warm up songs,
• Interactive games and composition
• Lesson plans and customizable lessons,
• Compatibility with SMART Notebook
and ActiveInspire format
The first volume contains 19 familiar children’s
songs and one original song. It is designed to
be used with the C Major Diatonic Scale Set,
our most popular. It is also included in the
Boomophone™ XTS Whack Pack and is the
perfect companion for playing music with the
XyloTote™ Tube Holder. SB01 $5.98
FMBBCE $79.95
Boomwhackers® Beatz
Songs and Games
Gamify your classroom with
Boomwhackers Beatz Songs!
The CD-ROM contains only
the songs and games from
the curriculum edition, and is
compatible with interactive
boards. FMBBSG $39.95
Whack Tracks The Boomwhackers®
This is the first full-length CD to feature the
Boomwhackers Musical Tubes being used to
create intriguing, original compositions. Other
instruments include guitar and an array of
percussion instruments, including water-slap
percussion on several songs. CDW1 $7.95
Play Boomwhackers® DVD
Sonor® Glockenspiel
This new glockenspiel by Sonor® features the great
sound of Sonor® instruments with the brilliant colors of
Boomwhackers®. Pitched C’ - F” and includes built-in
mallet holders (mallets included) and built-in storage
for F# and Bb bars. BWG $40.00
Learn to play Boomwhackers at home!
DVD designed to be used by children at
home or at school with a set of Diatonic
Boomwhackers. Great for early education
classrooms. Led by experienced music
educator Janice Tuck
• Perfect for beginning music students,
• Follow the colorful, bouncing Beatz that
match the Boomwhacker colors,
• Perfect introduction to pitch, rhythm,
and harmony.
FMPB $19.95

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