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Note Knacks
Note Knacks are an interactive, hands-on learning tool that allows children to learn and absorb music
notation concepts by working with these specially-designed manipulatives. The tiles provide kids with a
physical representation of the five different rest and note values by length, color and notation. The note is on
one side; the rest is on the other. Also, each tile is color coded so if you say the color, you say the rhythm!
Included time signature “frames” for 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time allows kids to self-correct their work.
The Note Knacks lesson plans that supplement the tiles works for all kinds of learners utilizing visual, aural,
and kinesthetic cues, and offers opportunities for quick and easy assessments in the classroom and can be
used in a classroom, small group setting, or individually. Children are able to internalize the concepts and
create their own compositions, building a strong musical foundation.
Kristin Pugliese
Founder and Creator of the
Note Knacks® Method.
The Student and Teacher sets of Note Knacks include:
1 – whole note/rest
2 – half notes/rests
4 – quarter notes/rests
8 – eighth notes/rests
16 – sixteenth notes/rests
3 – time signature frames: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4
Student Set - 1 set of 31 notation
blocks with 3 time signature frames.
NK1 $39.95
Teacher Set - 1 set of 31 notation
blocks with 3 time signature frames,
25 lesson plans (PK-2) on CD
NKT $59.95
Classroom Basics - 3 sets of Note
Knacks with 25 lesson plans (PK-2)
on CD NKT3 $129.85
Full Classroom Set - 5 sets of Note
Knacks with 25 lesson plans (PK-2)
on CD NKT5 $199.95
Lesson Plans - 25 Lesson
plans on CD, includes methods,
objectives, and assessments. The
complete Note Knacks method,
Pre-K through 2nd grade.
NKCD $24.95
Pushing the Limits - 12
supplementary lessons above and
beyond the Note Knacks method,
for grades K-5. Addresses NAfME
standards. NKCD2 $18.95
Note Knacks “Beams”
Add-On Set - Set of 4 of each
NK 1
Note Knacks Magnets -
Double-sized (the whole note is 6
feet long!) brilliant colors, stunning
presentation! Ideal for any magnetic
board. 65 pieces - all Note Knacks
notes, rests and time signature
frames. NKMAG $134.95
Note Knacks Dots and
Beams Magnets- Includes
time signature frames for 6/8,
9/8, and 12/8. 3 barred eights
and all standalone dotted notes.
NKMAGEX1 $98.95 (See page 3)
Note Knacks Class Cushions
- Like to get on the floor with your
kids? These are huge! (1) 8’x1’
whole-note, (1) 4’ x1’half note, (2)
2’ x1’ quarter notes, (4) 1’ x1’ eighth
notes, (4) 6” x1’ sixteenth notes.
NKCUSH $299.95*
Note Knacks Plush Dice
- Each musical symbol is colorcoded to work with the Note
Knacks method. One cube for time
signatures, one for notes, and one
for rests. Set of 3, 4 ½” x 4 ½” x 4 ½”.
NKDICE $21.50
*Oversize shipping charges apply.
of the “Beamed” 16ths from the
NKEX set. Perfect add-on for Kodaly
curriculum with the younger
grades. NKBEAM $26.95
Note Knacks Dots and
Beams - Ready to take the next
step? These notation blocks are
proportionally correct for advanced
rhythms, including various beamed
eighth and sixteenth combinations,
dotted rhythms, and 3 additional
time signature frames for 12/8, 9/8,
and 6/8. 43 pieces
NKEX $59.95

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