Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 21

Note Knacks
What teachers are saying
about Note Knacks®!
“I believe Note Knacks are the single most important
purchase I’ve made in over 11 years of teaching elementary
music. The children ‘get it’ almost immediately. And in 2nd
grade when they are learning fractions with their regular
teacher, we are able to do the same in music with a very
visual tool. My curriculum revolves around them.”
- Katie, Paulding County
All this week when I poured out my Note Knacks on the floor
to set the students up for solving the first measure of a Orff
piece we are working on, students excitedly exclaimed “Oh,
I LOVE these!”
- Mrs. Hunter Y. Britton, The Villages Charter Schools
“I love it! Getting 5th graders who don’t want to do
anything – but they will use these! Note Knacks have
brought some new joy to my class and my teaching!”
- Joshua Bradford, Ft Worth, Texas
“I just had to tell you that I was able to use your Note Knacks
with my students immediately upon my return from the
conference and they were a huge hit. I am currently in a
guided composition unit with 2nd-5th grade levels and
have used Note Knacks to help students write their rhythms.
It was a great success.”
- Gary W. Lenz, Buford City, Georgia
“It has reached my kinesthetic learners and grabbed my
visual learners. The best investment in my elementary
program in years and we are already seeing the benefits!”
- Anna Jo Knight, Abernathy, Texas
“They help me do less lecture and allow the students to
explore rhythms on their own. They are also a wonderful
center tool for an introduction to composition.”
- Rachel Namain, Klein, Texas
“I have used the Note Knacks system in my classroom for 5
years and all I can say is “WOW!” Every student in my school
now reads rhythms at or above grade level expectancy.”
- Kelly McGovern, Tomball, Texas
Classroom research has shown the enormous positive impact of manipulatives on learning. Note
Knacks applies those concepts to teaching music.
Video demonstration available
at rhythmband.com
Note Knacks are available in magnet and table top
versions to accommodate multiple teaching approaches.
“I was introduced to Note Knacks at a conference and immediately
fell in love! I knew that if I couldn’t stop playing with them that
they would be sure to keep my students engaged. I have used them
for whole group work, workstations, composition and even rhythmic
remediation. They are one of my go-to teaching aids.”
Visit www.noteknacks com
for Sample Lesson Plans
-Tracy King, Fredericktown School District, Fredericktown, Missouri

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