Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 27

Little Ringers Handbell Accessories
Start With This
Card Holder…
28” Color Felt Staff
The 28” x 28” fabric staff can be held by
hand or hung up using the included rope
holder. It is an excellent tool for introducing
the music staff to beginner music students.
The set includes 96 Kidsplay colored felt
circle. Can be used with all Kidsplay colored
bells on page 20. LRCS30 $49.95
Card Holder For Color
Coded Handbell Cards
Guaranteed to make the director’s job
much easier, this handy card holder
is custom manufactured to fit up to 8
of the color coded cards for directing
and playing chords. (Cards sold
separately) LRCH8 $24.95
18” Color Felt Staff
This convenient smaller size ColorStaff
(18”x14” inches) fits on most music stands or
can be held easily with one hand. Includes
96 Kidsplay colored felt circles.
LRCS18 $29.95
Then, ADD these
card sets…
ColorStaff Color Coding Kit
This jumbo staff paper and set of
markers makes color-coding your
music easy and fun. Staff pad includes
50 sheets of medium weight, 11” x 17”
paper printed with 3 staves. Markers
are custom packaged to match the
KidsPlay brand, and a black marker for
other markings on the staff. Markers are
washable and non-toxic.
Color Coded Chord Cards
Includes C, F, G, G7, Am, Dm, and Em
chords, and provides an excellent
introduction to the chord playing
method. The chord cards are color
coded to be compatible with all of
the Kidsplay® Bells. SP2389 $10.95
LRCCK $21.95
Need more markers or
staff paper?
Color Coded Chord Cards
Melody Cards
Perfect for any beginning
bell group! Ninety-six
cards (12 of each note).
Prepare a melody in
advance for easy play.
(4.25” x 5.5”) LRMC96
LRCM8 $7.95 (set of 8 washable
These cards enable bell ringers to
identify and play chords easily. They
are not designed for any particular set
of music, but rather for any songs that
have chords. All 12 major, minor and
dominant chords are included so they
can be used with an incredible variety
of music. Set of 36 Cards Use With
LRCH8 SP2390 $36.95
LRSP50 $15.95
(11” x 17” staff pad)
Time For Bells! Lesson Book and
Curriculum Guide by Al Hager
Set of 96 Cards
This lesson and curriculum guide starts
with the basic 8-note diatonic bell set and
then progresses to the 20 note extended
bell set. Lessons also include instructions
of use of the Kidsplay colored bell cards.
Introduces players to melody, chords, ear
training, composition, and more! Includes
a reproducible section. Some songs are
included on the CD recordings, with and
without bells. SP2400 $24.95
Ringing in Color Getting The
Most Out Of Your Colored
Coded Handbells
A How-To DVD for your handbells and
examples of how they can be used for Pre-K
to 8th grade. LRDVD $12.95
The Color-Ring Book
This is a color-coded handbell book for
the KidsPlay bells. 19 songs use this color
coding system to bring the many benefits
of music to kids of all ages! 11 songs are
playable with the 8 note diatonic set, 8
songs require the 5 note chromatic add on.
Lyrics included. LRSB19 $9.95

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