Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 3

Toca Colorsound Doumbeks
Toca Synergy Jr.
Conga Set
Lightweight, durable and easy to clean and at
10 ¾” tall, it’s a perfect fit for small drummers.
A smaller version of the
popular Synergy Conga
Set. See page 30!
See page 29!
Note Knacks Magnetic Extension Set
Add the magnetic version of the ‘Dots and Beams’ to
continue to the next step. Like the block version, the
set includes various dotted and beamed rhythms,
and additional time signatures for 12/8, 9/8, and 6/8.
NKMAGEX1 See page 20!
Toca Jr. Cajons
A great way to get kids started in
music and they are the perfect
size for early childhood learners.
See page 30!
“The pBuzz! Finally, a way to help my elementary
students experience the brass family in a hands-on way.
Most elementary music teachers have examples of the
percussion, woodwind, and string families in their classrooms
in forms that allow the students to actually play and learn.
But brass instruments are rarely part of the elementary
classroom. The pBuzz helps solve that problem!”
Toca Percussion Tray
with Stand
-Peggy Turner,
Oakhurst Elementary, FWISD
16” x 22” tray, and comes with an
adjustable stand that ranges from
28 ½” to 45” tall. TTRAY
See page 31!
Pentatonic Chromanotes Chimes
Discover the joy of music in seconds. The new
brightly-colored, lightweight and smooth-edged
pBuzz makes music fun for early learners! Offering
the truly authentic experience of a proper
mouthpiece, the pBuzz has a range of 6 notes
through its movable slide. The slide positions
are outlined by color, note name and also slide
positions 1 - 6 so children can learn in many ways,
from traditional notation to a note color system,
to help aid understanding of pitch and varying
length. The pBuzz is the latest innovative venture
from Warwick Music Group, creators of the pBone
and pTrumpet. Made in the UK.
PBUZZ1R (Includes Mouthpiece) $29.95
Class Set of 20 PBUZZ1R-20 $568.95
Replacement Mouthpiece PB-MPC $9.99
Set of 5 Mouthpieces PB-MPC-5 $44.95
The NEW Chroma-notes 9-Note
Pentatonic Chimes are a great
addition to the classroom,
therapy session, or drum circle!
The chimes are marked with the
note and number on the scale,
have a rounded sound chamber
for pure tone, and are very
lightweight. The set comes with a
padded, heavy-duty case for easy
storage and transportation.
CNC9P Shown on page 18!

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