Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 38

Early Childhood
8 Note Glockenspiel
This unique bell set is great for early
childhood in that letter names are indicated
on each of the individual colored bars.
Accurately pitched with a diatonic range
from C2 to C3. Pair of mallets included. All
corners are rounded for safety.
Tactile Single Egg Shaker
Great for ages 6+ months!! Easy grip egg
shakers are easy to hold and sound great!
Kids will love the tactile feel of this unique
design with many safety features. Assorted
colors, sold individually. RB1241 $3.00
Single RB2304 $14.95
Set of 15 RB2304P $179.95
Plastic Resonator Bells
This brightly-colored C-c diatonic bell set
has case included along with pair of mallets.
Great for school or home! RB2130 $26.95
Kids love to make the clickety-clack
rhythmic sounds of the colorful ClatterPillar. Colors may vary. RB1217 $11.95
Jingle Stick
Large Shaker Egg
Easy to use and fun to play! This newstyle tambourine is sure to be a favorite
with children of all ages. Constructed
of durable plastic and chrome-plated
jingles. 10½” long. JS1 $5.50
A full inch larger in length and diameter
than our RB210 eggs. Colors vary. RB211
A simple turn of the RainBoMaker™
creates a magical combination of sound
and color that will captivate young and
old alike. Watch and listen as a rainbow
of colored beads cascades through the
tube recreating the soft sound of gently
falling rain.
Mini Rainbomaker™ (8” Long)
RBI Egg Shakers
This unique shaker has it all - control,
delicate sound, durability, and it looks great!
Colors vary. RB210 $2.00
SPECIAL SAVINGS on one dozen RBI Egg
Shakers. RB210S $22.95
RB1214B $11.95
Large Rainbomaker™ (16” Long)
RB1214 $21.95
Children’s Harmonica Key of C, 10
holes. AS10 $4.95
Kidsplay® Kazoo
Kazoos always add a lot of fun to early
childhood music activities. All you have
to do is hum! RB994 95¢
Package of 15 RB994S $11.50
Desk Bell
Strong and light, easy grip, 3½” long.
A must for every preschool and early
grade classroom. Excellent way to
get children’s attention. Three early
childhood drawings appear on the bell.
RB1225 $6.25
RB845 $8.95
Kidsplay® Plastic Maraca
This small size pair of durable maracas
is ideal for early childhood. The maracas
provide an authentic Latin-American sound
and are inexpensive, non-toxic and safe for
children. RB1206 $4.00
Eight Note Xylopipe Set
Have fun with colorful, accurately tuned C-c
diatonic xylopipe bell sets. Hundreds of songs
can be played instantly on this unique instrument.
Names of notes are indicated for each individual
xylopipe that makes playing easy for all ages.
Mal-lets included. RB2307 $8.95

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