Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 39

Early Childhood
Bear Bells
These adorable Bear Bells are made of the same high-quality bell
materials as our KidsPlay® hand bells, and covered with a teddy bear shell
that allows the bell to ring clearly. All corners and edges are rounded for
safety. RB104 $49.95
Velcro Wrist/
Ankle Bells
Bright colored velcro
wrist/ankle bells. Priced
per each. Colors may
vary. RB811C $2.75
Save on Package
of 12 Colors are
mixed and may vary.
Wave Drum
Play it like a hand drum with mallet
that is included, or create the sound of
waves in the surf by tilting the drum
slowly from one side to the other.
RB1218 $18.95
RB811CS $31.95
Hand Drum
Wood Train Whistle
This top-quality drum has an innovative
design with ease of use for hours of
playing and fun. Pre-tuned head with
professional sound, mallet included.
Colors may vary. RB1281 $13.95
RB886 $5.95
Marching Drum
8” x 13/8” x 13/8”
This play drum produces good sound.
Includes rubber safety springs, a pair of
drum sticks and the head is constructed
of a durable Melinex plastic. Measures
5½” High x 8” Wide. RB911 $19.95
Slide Whistle
Play songs or produce sound
effects. Always fun! 9” long.
RB997 $2.95
Plastic Train Whistle
Indian Tom Toms
Produces excellent sound.
Durable, easy to clean.
Sturdy strap attached to red
shell. Heads are connected
to shell with process that
absolutely prevents them
from separating.
Small Size (5” x 5”) with
Mallets RB1013 $12.55
Medium Size (5” x 7”) with
Mallets RB1014 $13.60
Large Size (5” x 9”) with
Mallets RB1014X $19.25
RB1228 $10.00
Plastic Samba Whistle
Colorful whistles produce
2 tones. Colors may vary.
RB1236 95¢
Plastic Güiro
Unique design based on
a traditional instrument. 3
different sound effects made by
scraping the special mallet up
and down. RB1235 $8.99
Maraquita Small individual
plastic maraca with crisp sound.
Colors vary. RB1227 $3.45
Sound Tube
Twirl them at different speeds and hear different pitches. A great way
to discover the physics of music. Focus on singing in tune by singing
into one end and listening in the other end. 38” long. Minimum 3 per
order. RB1233 $2.50

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