Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 4

Teacher Spotlight
Cami Gilbert
Oak Woods School, Granbury ISD
How long have you been a
music teacher and when did
you decide to become
a teacher?
Which RBI instrument has
made the most positive
impact in your classroom?
It’s too tough to choose just one! My children seem to love
when we have a variety of the triangles, jingle taps, maracas,
bells, and hand drums out to use as accompaniment to a
new song we have learned to sing.
I have been teaching for eight years and this is my third
year teaching music.
I decided to give up my position in the medical field to
utilize my teaching degree. My husband and I were volunteering at our church teaching the teens and I realized how
valuable the time with them was. I knew I wanted to truly
make an impact on the youth of today.
What is your favorite thing
about being a music teacher?
Music has long been a passion of mine. I look back on the
time I have spent learning and practicing music, and I am
very thankful for the teachers who passed this timeless gift
on to me. Music programs are essential to the children of
today because it helps them develop a passion for music,
and to improve time management skills, communication,
patience, and perseverance. Music helps children express
themselves in ways a regular classroom cannot provide. It
is a universal language that students will carry with them
the rest of their lives. It is my job to provide a wide variety
of ways to expose them to music of the past and present
in hopes they will develop ways to promote it in their own
future. Music class should be a time of instilling knowledge
in fun and innovative ways, all while learning the basics they
need to be successful. Music education allows the children
to express what cannot be said. It sparks creativity in us all,
helps to shape the brain, and awakens the soul. I cannot
believe I get to lead these children into this world of magical possibilities!
When was your first
experience with Rhythm Band
When I first began teaching music, I literally stumbled
upon the Boomwhackers in the classroom closet. I was so
excited to find such a versatile instrument that I could use
stationery or as a tool to perform with during movement.
My goal each class is to not only have the children making
music, but to also incorporate movement with music as
much as our time allows. The Boomwhackers are one of the
many instruments I can use to accomplish this goal!
What is your students’
favorite instrument?
During Christmas time I have several lessons that we use
the hand bells with and the children really love their time
with those instruments!
Is there an RBI product that
helped a lesson be more
We had a lesson on a folk song from New Zealand that
also had a game to play once you learned the song. The
Rhythm Sticks were a great add-in to what we called “The
Stick Game”.
If you could have a dream
music classroom, what would
it look like?
I am always trying to come up with ways to help the sound
issue. I usually have anywhere from 40 to 50 students each
class period. You can imagine how loud that can get trying
to give everyone something to play. A dream music classroom would be large in space so the children could spread
out more, I’m thinking the size of a gymnasium! Then I
could do some folk dancing too!
I would love to see my huge side wall become floor to
ceiling bookshelves to house my instruments instead of
them being squished and stacked on top of each other in
my small closet. My dream classroom would have space
for instrument stations all around the room that could be
stored in the same space they are spread out in. For the
children’s seat spots, the carpeted floor would have Velcro
sit spots in bright colors spread out so everyone could sit
on a dot during instruction time. My dream music classroom would be decorated in all the bright colors of the
Boomwhackers and would be inspiring to walk into! Music
quotes would be hanging all around the room along with
kid-friendly and kid-interesting musical instrument category

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