Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 42

Teaching Aids
Music Through the Ages
A music history timeline room border, this beautiful full-color banner is more than 16 feet long! It comes
in five sections and highlights music history from the Renaissance to present day and includes dates of
famous composers, a handy teacher reference about the musicians and much more! RB456 $24.99
Instrument Family Posters*
Five 24”x30” posters from the string, woodwind, brass, percussion and
keyboard families. Also includes 32 instrument outlines for drawing, tracing, or
creating transparencies. Ships flat to prevent creasing. RB457 $44.99
Meet the Instruments
This set of 25 full-color posters on
sturdy artboard (14” x 22”) introduces
and explores the many sights and
sounds of the symphony orchestra and
band. Instruments are pictured singly
and in family groups. Informative text
is printed in an accompanying booklet
and on the back of each poster.
BMR00123 $90.00
Portraits of Composers
Large, full-color reproductions of the
great composers. Each reproduction
is 16” by 20”, printed on clay-coated
artboard, plastic coated, and ready for
framing. Short, informative biography
is printed on the back as well as in a
separate booklet.
Portraits of Composers, set 1 (Classical)
BMR00170 $80.00
Portraits of Composers, set 2 (Modern)
BMR00171 $100.00
Piano Note Finder
The instant visual guide to the notes
of the piano keyboard. Shows the
note names, staff notation, and
location of all 88 notes. Includes
lots of additional useful tips and
information such as keys & key
signatures, the circle of fifths, time
signatures, musical terms, tempo
and dynamic markings. 51/8”x 48”.
V3913 $5.95
Rhythm in a Bag by Doris Hotaling
Colorful 1-beat durable plastic rhythm shapes for creating patterns in
2/4, 3/4, 4/4 time. The set includes 4 red ta’s, 4 yellow ti-ti’s, and 4 blue
rests. Each piece is 5” tall. Great for rhythmic dictation; perfect for young
students to create their own rhythm patterns; and an excellent teacher
aid for student evaluation. RB455 $12.95

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