Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 51

Multicultural Percussion
Junior Bongos
Small set of medium tone bongos ideally suited for
K-3. Height 4½”. Head sizes 5” and 4¼”
RB1301 $18.85
Medium School Bongos
Multicultural Set
RB1302 $27.25
Large School Bongos
This unique set showcases appealing
instruments from different countries
around the world. Set includes Agogo
Bells, 20” Chilean Rainstick, Pair Ankle
Bells, Den Den, Pair Maracas, Güiro,
and Rap Stik®. How-To Instructional
Guide included. MC7 $69.95
Perfect for all elementary grades. Constructed of
prime-grade kiln-dried hardwood. Selected skin
heads. Height 6”. Head sizes 5¾” and 5”.
An excellent set of large bongos for grades 4 and
up. Excellent resonance and well-tuned!
Height 6½”. Head sizes 6½” and 5½”.
RB1303 $34.60
Deluxe Bongos
Our finest non-tunable bongos. Beautiful tone and
resonance with calf skin heads. Two-tone hardwood
construction. Height 6½”. Head sizes 8” and 7”.
RB1303SP $34.60
Non-Tunable Conga Drums
Cone Conga - Regular size cone conga. 19½”
high with 6½” diameter calf skin head. Hardwood
construction produces excellent tone. Complete
with strap. RB1308 $45.10
Small Round Conga
Percussion Instruments
Barrel-type with deluxe hardwood construction.
21½” high with 6¾” calf skin head diameter.
Complete with strap. RB1310 $74.50
Vibra-Slap RB661 $17.95
Small Cabasa RB662 $26.25
Standard Cabasa RB663 $28.25
Rap Stick® RB700 $12.95
Kokoriko RB779 $17.80
Bass Redondo Drum
May be played with the hands or mallet. Produces
a very resonant deep bass drum tone. Durably
constructed. 91/2” high with 10” head diameter.
Mallet not included. RB1103D $39.85
Rainsticks from Chile
Hand made from Copado and Quisca cactus which
are dried in the sun and then filled so they make the
traditional falling water sound. The Quisca rainsticks
have a more rounded shape to their body. The Copado
rainsticks have a more slick suface. We offer them in a
variety of sizes up to 60 “. Ages 8+.
20" Chilean Copado Cactus Rainstick RB1216 $15.95
(pictured on page 47)
30" Chilean Copado Cactus Rainstick RB1262 $19.95
40" Chilean Copado Cactus Rainstick RB1263 $29.95
10" Chilean Quisca Cactus Rainstick RB1265 $11.95
40" Chilean Quisca Cactus Rainstick RB1268 $34.95
60" Chilean Quisca Cactus Rainstick RB1269 $49.95
Specially constructed for
maximum tone and resonance.
Both of these cowbells may be
played with a mallet. Each bell
is electrically welded to give a
clean, safe, smooth surface.
41/2” Nickel color Cowbell with
Mallet RB1220 $9.95
53/4” Nickel color Cowbell with
Mallet RB1221 $10.95
Rhythm Party Hand Drums DVD by Sandy Feldstein
Learn new playing techniques for Conga, Djembe, Doumbek, and all types
of Hand Drums, including the open tone, the bass tone and the muffled
tone. Use each new technique in a Call and Response activity. Incorporate
each new technique in an exciting musical play-along. The rhythms on the
play-along tracks are infectious and will have you wanting to join in creating
rhythms of your own. Many of the tracks are based on familiar songs and
provide a sing-along opportunity as well. RBRP03 $19.95

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