Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 53

Multicultural Percussion
Oriental Gongs
Mini Pans
These unique instruments are used
successfully in early music education.
Both pans are tuned to A440, include
11½” diameter playing surface, 3” skirt
curled at the edge for child safety, and
have the tonal quality of conventional
steelpans. Stand, sticks, and instructional
song booklet are included.
11 Notes in scale of C Major from C5
to C6 MPC - “C” STYLE $129.95
8 Notes in scale of G Major from G4 to
G5 MPG - “G” STYLE $129.95
Authentic Tone–Four Sizes. Complete range of authentic
Oriental gongs. Durably constructed of the finest gong
quality brass, hand-hammered edges for clarity of tone,
and brilliant resonance. Each gong has its own stand.
Individually packed with mallet.
RB1070 $31.50
7” Gong w/Standard Mallet
10” Gong w/Standard Mallet
RB1071 $41.95
12” Gong w/Standard Mallet
RB1072 $51.50
14” Gong w/Standard Mallet
RB1073 $64.95
Deluxe Wood Temple Blocks
Laminated birch, 5 pitches. Traditional
Temple Block sound. Includes heavy
duty adjustable stand and 1 pair
mallets. RB603 $279.95
Elementary Latin Set
Deluxe Junior Snare Drum
Durable shell with chrome-plated
rims and tuning lugs. Throw-off
snare strainer enables the drum
to be played with or without the
snares. Head diameter 10”, height
3¼”. Complete with sticks and tuning key. RB1030 $59.95
Snare Stand
Small but rugged stand for the RB1030
Deluxe Junior Snare Drum.
RB1030S $18.95
A beautiful set specifically designed for grades K-5. All of the
instruments are small and easy to play. Includes “Fun With
Latin Percussion” book. The perfect set to give your early
grades the “Latin Beat.” There is no better set available with
which to teach basic rhythms. RB1450 $79.75
Set Includes:
Conga Drum RB1111
Güiro Tone Block w/ Mallet RB756
Junior Bongos RB1301
Pair Plastic Maracas RB1208
Claves RB723B
Automatic Hand Castanet RB810
Fun With Latin Percussion Book RB97

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