Rhythm Band 2018-2019 Music Products Catalog - Page 8

Canto® Recorders
Colorful, fun and engaging, the Canto® one-piece recorders have best-in-class
intonation, because better sounding recorders are more fun for everyone.
Canto® One-piece Soprano

Improved intonation and tonal quality,
Economy-priced student recorder
Baroque Fingering (except CR102).
Includes clear plastic bag, cleaning rod,
and fingering chart
Dark Brown with Ivory CR101-1 $2.95
Ivory CR101I-1 $2.95
Translucent Blue CR101B-1 $2.95
Translucent Green CR101G-1 $2.95
Translucent Purple CR101P-1 $2.95
Translucent Red CR101R-1 $2.95
Translucent Yellow CR101Y-1 $2.95
German Fingering Recorder (Dark Brown
with Ivory Accents) CR102 $2.95
Canto® Renaissance
Two-Piece Soprano
• Baroque fingering
• Curved windway for better
• Plays well in lower register
and improved scale
• Ivory finish
• Made of ABS plastic
• Includes cleaning rod,
fingering chart and
zippered case
CR220 $3.95
Getting Started with Soprano Recorder
An innovative and motivating way to introduce first
time players to the soprano recorder. The CD included
offers all of the lesson tracks, plus performance versions,
for play-along after the lesson has been learned. The
DVD tracks demonstrate visually and audibly the
physical process of playing the instrument. Notes to
play appear on the staff synchronized with the audio
that accompanies them. Teachers can face the DVD
video toward the players and the audio toward the
audience if music notation is required for performance.
BB216 $21.95
BB217 $17.95
Moving on with Soprano
This book and audio CD continue with
advancing lessons for playing the soprano
recorder. Students add the D, E, and F#
notes to the G, A, and B notes learned in
the first “Getting Started” method (BB216).
Includes Animated DVD, Audio CD, and
Book 21 audio tracks, 17 DVD video lessons.
BB218 $21.95

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