2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 10

Raisingthe production of alligators under controlled environmental
conditions or in outside facilities.
Rearingsee Raising.
Residentsee Bona Fide Resident.
Secretarythe secretary of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and
Skinsee Pelt.
Slaughterkilling farm-raised alligators for the purpose of harvesting
commodities such as meat, hides, or parts.
Takein its different tenses, the attempt or act of hooking, pursuing,
netting, capturing, snaring, trapping, shooting, hunting, wounding, or killing
by any means or device.
Tanningthe conversion of alligator skins or fur pelts into an
intermediate or finished form and includes the following: crust tanning
alligator leather, dyeing alligator leather, glazing alligator leather, tanning fur
pelts, shearing fur pelts, and dyeing fur pelts, and includes the dressing of
skins and furs.
Transportin its different tenses, the act of shipping, attempting to
ship, receiving or delivering for shipment, transporting, conveying, carrying,
or exporting by air, land, or water, or by any means whatsoever.
Wildlifeall species of wild vertebrates.
Wildlife Management Areaany area set aside, maintained, and
supervised by the department for the purpose of managing and harvesting wild
birds, wild quadrupeds, fish and other aquatic life under controlled conditions
to afford maximum public hunting and fishing opportunity.
Wildlife Refugeany area set aside and designated by the department as
a refuge on which wild birds and animals are protected. Control of certain
forms of wildlife may be conducted by the department.


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